When You Give The Narcissist The Benefit Of The Doubt!

I used to have so much faith in you.
I would have gone to the ends of the earth to protect you and defend you.

I probably made every excuse for you under the sun to help your reputation.

My God, what was I thinking?
At least I can laugh at how insanely naive I was back then.

I’m embarrassed that I ever trusted you and I feel so bad for those poor women who still do.

All this thing between us was a pathetic mind game you played until you won.

You made me think you had this past that haunted you on which you struggled with every day to overcome.

That you were this kind soul trapped in a misunderstood body and needed help breaking out of its shell.

You even went so far as to make me feel like I was your missing piece.

That all you needed was my love so you would be able to finally feel free.

You made me feel like I actually mattered to you more than anything.

I wanted so bad for you to be a good person that I would believe just about anything you said if it meant that you would treat me better.

If you were being short with me,
I chalked it up to you being in a bad mood and hoped tomorrow would be better.

When you ignored me for hours,
you would say you were caught up with something in your head and I genuinely believed you.

But it was all just an act.
I understand your game now and I learnt how to beat you at it.

You did put on this pathetic pity party and you were beyond committed to the act.

You lure women in by making them think you are just an innocent man with nothing but good intentions.

You play on the fact that you know good women want to fix broken men.

You can’t be helped because that is not what is wrong with you.

You are not a good man and not a single bone in your body is pure.

All you are is A Narcissist who wants nothing to do with the word commitment.

You couldn’t carry through with a promise even if your life depended on it and I was foolish enough to think you wanted me for who I am.

Sometimes I wish I could hurt you the way you hurt me just to make you feel worthless, pathetic and terrible to the core.

But I’m above that.
I’m a better person than you are.
I won’t fight fire with fire.

The best way to get back at you is to just be happy and successful with a life you don’t fit into.

I absolutely love my life and you will never be a part of it.

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