When You Have Moved On!

The thought that you might be happier without him is probably pretty impossible for a Narcissist to get his head around.

It does not compute and when something doesn’t compute, he changes the equation so that it does.

Every Narcissist is different, just as every person is.

One of the easier ways is not to address this thought at all and for the Narcissist to convince himself that the person who is no longer with him is in fact miserable without him.

He can believe this despite any and all evidence.

Because he interpret what he sees, hears, thinks, feels and believes through his particular lens and his lens of life may not be the most accurate.

One of the biggest things that I have had to learn is that someone whose brain works differently, he himself works differently.

Narcissists are not stupid, they are not insane although they can look both stupid and insane.

They are not even deliberately abusive in all cases, they just literally find it difficult to think in any other way.

If the person is upset about the relationship breakup, the Narcissist will see it is as you are miserable without him.

If the person has any facial expression or no facial expression upon seeing him, the Narcissist will see it as you are miserable without him.

If you find a new partner the Narcissist will see that your new partner is obviously so much worse than him.

So the Narcissist will see that you are miserable without him.

If you post pictures of your happy new life with you new partner, the Narcissist will see that you are obviously trying to make him jealous, therefore you are miserable without him.

The Narcissist may not even be wrong in everything he is seeing, it is not unusual at all for a partner coming out of an unpleasant relationship to parade themselves a bit in front of the ex to show how happy they are.

The Narcissist is probably wrong in the conclusion that he draws from this that you are miserable without him but not necessarily wrong in the observation.

If they don’t see anything that they can interpret or twist to draw this conclusion, they can and will make it up to the point of outright lying.

I don’t know if Narcissists are aware that they are lying.

I’m hoping they do know because if they don’t then the level of delusion they have displayed is somewhat concerning.

Another way Narcissists deal with it is to find another Target.

If they can become besotted with someone else and gain attention from someone else by doing whatever works to get that attention from people which likely varies from person to person the wound to the ego might be less.

The truth is no one will ever know what they are truly thinking about.

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