When You Have Uncovered The Narcissist..!!

Depends on who and what you are in relation to him.

If you are a friend he doesn’t particularly have a need for then he will methodically end the friendship while slandering you for what He has uncovered about you.

If you are a friend he has a need for the he will try to become a closer friend and speed up the process of getting what he needs from you while slandering you to other friends about what he is uncovering about you.

The friendship ends if and when he gets what he needs from you.

If you are a stranger, a casual acquaintance or a person he sees as being beneath him then he won’t give a crap what you have uncovered and slander you to his friends as an unworthy piece of crap.

If you are a lover he will increase his love bombing while slandering you to others in order to isolate you from people you could expose what you have uncovered to.

You wouldn’t expose what you have uncovered when he is being so good to you, would you?

You are not supposed to know that behind your back he is not being very good to you.

Once you have been sufficiently discredited to others, he will uncover himself to you daily.

Regardless of who or what you are to him, letting him know that you have uncovered him is extremely hazardous to YOUR reputation, health and general well being.

The Catch-22 is that not letting him know what you have uncovered about him.

You are going to get slandered, belittled, insulted, degraded, smeared, manipulated and provoked regardless of whether he knows you have uncovered him or he has uncovered himself so much to you that you are a threat to him.

At some point he is going to turn on you regardless of who or what you were to him.

Usually behind your back long before to your face.

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