When You See His True Colours!

A Narcissist will always target the one with an exposed weakness because there is something in your life that he is missing.

It’s called the jealousy Factor.

Stand your ground, keep your smile on your face and don’t let it stay on your back.

Defend yourself through actions and not words.
Defending yourself through actions means that you won’t let the words take hold.

Not letting the words he speaks to you or behind your back linger in your ears, your mind or your emotions past the speed of light.

I learnt to face my enemies with a smile and kindness.

When your response to Narcissism is by this method it candles fire to his calls and it will burn away the power he has over you.

Look in the mirror daily and convince yourself that you are becoming what everyone around you loves and wishes to be like.

Smile and walk away.
Undoubtably you are a great person because A Narcissist has targeted you.

Remember Karma will always set the records straight and prove that you are the better person.

I‘m still suffering from his smearing.
He is still attacking me in every way possible.
He plans every thing ahead, uses his flying monkeys to smear my reputation by telling the ugliest things about me.

Ridiculous as it is unfortunately some people believe him.

He manipulates every breath, every wink and every heart beat.

He has no limits to how low he can get.
He turns tables and can even shed tears to make people sympathise with him.

Ohhh Lord ,, The Tears ,,

He wants to look good in front of others because he can’t afford to be unmasked.

When I unmasked him I saw how ugly he is and I saw that his biggest fear is to be unmask to others.

He sucks every breath out of his victim’s soul.
I saw his true colours alright and it isn’t colourful at all.

It is unbelievably ugly, distorted and fade.
I could never have imagined that anyone can be as ugly as him.

After nearly three years I‘m still in shock .

I‘m still angry for being so blind.

For being so ignorant and for being so good to someone who has no conscience.

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