When You Take A Closer Look!

Narcissists tend to ooze with confidence but in reality they suffer from fragile self-esteem.

While they certainly need to be held accountable for their behaviour they will be less then willing to reach out for help because of their arrogance.

A Narcissist spoils that which is good, virtuous, happy, successful and morally right.

Only A Narcissist stoops as low as A Narcissist.
Therefore Narcissists are mentally not stable.

Driven by an envious rage which knows no bounds is a painful and exhausting way to live.

Being unaware of social responsibilities makes The Narcissist a poor friend, a devious mate, a liar and an exploitative employer.

The Narcissist reaps what he sows either in lost revenue, failed marriages, unemployment, social isolation or failing health.

Only a miserable person would go down A Narcissist’s idea of paradise.

Eventually The Narcissist wakes up only to discover that something about himself is weird.

Sometimes the light comes on flickering only so slightly, hinting at the corruption beneath his mask.

However The Narcissist must turn away from the truth as facing a life so filled with emptiness is impossible for The Narcissist to bare.

Professionally in the work place people mocks him behind his back, see him as immature, juvenile and usually have no respect for him or his position.

His bosses have to deal with temper tantrums and drama at every suggestion, mild criticism or advisement for improvement.

He is typically a nightmare to his coworkers and associates in his profession as he’s not a team player.

Personally he associates mostly with shallow, lesser than who he believes he is types of people or he constantly move around in higher level social circles than he is but he doesn’t get involved long term.

No one ever really gets to know him or his accomplishments.

Emotional Relationships we all know how disastrous he is at fulfilling those.

Financially he lives beyond his means constantly spending more than he makes, wanting more than he has and striving to obtain more than everyone he knows.

This causes a great deal of anxiety and pressure to perform so he often lives in a financially unstable situation because he doesn’t know how to save or budget his money.

He also never gets an opportunity to relax and enjoy life or what he has because he is too busy obtaining more stuff.

If you take a step back from The Narcissist you really can see a miserable person.

I’m pretty sure the story about the Emperors new clothes was about A Narcissist.

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