When You Tell A Narcissist You Love Him!

To The Narcissist love is merely you feeding his EGO.

As long as you continually and consistently feed his ego you will be rewarded with the gift of his presence in your life.

But even when you say and do all the right things, he will never offer you the same love, devotion or loyalty he is so selfishly demands of you.

At best all you will ever have with The Narcissist is a business arrangement disguised as love.

The deal is always in his favour.
The Narcissist is a master of illusion so he will play the poor abused victim while he is torturing, mistreating and abusing you in the name of love because he knows he has fooled you into loving him.

The Narcissist Could Never Love You Because He Doesn’t Even Love Himself!

You will get sucked into a hellhole of lies, manipulation and abuse.

You will learn new depths of frustration and mental anguish.

If you tell A Narcissist that you love him, he will know that the hook is in.

He now knows you will be willing to overlook obvious red flags in favour of the Rose Tinted image you have of him in your brain.

Think about it.
You have to be in love with a person that doesn’t exist.

You can’t actually love the real him.
You don’t know the real him when you say I love you.

When you say I love you you are really saying I love the work of fiction you have gotten me to believe is the real you.

So when you admit to loving him is like you are confirming to him that he has got a new supply.

Now he will turn his charm outward.
Everyone will get the charming, loveable face while you get the crappy, lying, cheating, abusive and illogical face.

You will be accused of things that The Narcissist is doing so he can keep you confused and under control.

You will get isolated from your friends and family so they can’t erode the control that The Narcissist has over you.

When you tell A Narcissist that you love him, you confirm that you believe all the lies coming out of him.

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