Whenever I Ask Myself If I Will Ever Take Him Back!!

Whenever I ask myself if I will ever take him back this comes to my mind.

I tell myself that I would need to consider many factors.

It’s a firm YES if any of the following factors occurred.

If there has been a zombie apocalypse and I needed to sacrifice my brain.

If I incurred a traumatic brain injury that prevented me from processing any emotions or understanding the lack of self worth I would need to accept him back.

However it’s a firm NO if I didn’t give up on the following factors.

I value my character, my purpose and myself worth.

I remained firm in my belief that what held me doesn’t hold me anymore.

My scars are a proof that I’m a survivor.

And knowing with certainty that my best life is yet to come unless I gave my power to The Devil who has proven to enjoy destruction.

The bottom line is that we get only one life and we have the power and freewill to write our own story.

Now I work every day to be the best person I can be and to never ignorantly repeat the same mistake twice.

I a lot of experience in my last 2 years that gave me valuable tools and awareness of a disorder I knew nothing about.

I once believed that my love could change a broken man and I also learnt that I was wrong.

I learnt that my empathic nature didn’t serve me well when I allowed it to guide me while ignoring the red flags flashing clearly in front of me.

After all he put me through still I‘m incapable of hating him.

Him not being in my life now has brought back my happiness but still I will never forgive him for what he did.

I‘m sad that he will never be able to experience what true love feels like and that he has to wake up every day and deliver a performance but that’s a life that his evilness deserves.

My pain will heals but his pain will destroy him.

I don’t think that anyone can find any satisfaction in that?
And definitely it’s not me!

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