Who Are The Flying Monkeys?!

I have watched from the sidelines as my Narcissist’s Flying Monkeys’ have flocked around The Narcissist and supported a sick, deranged being whom we all know is a liar, triangulator, thief, predator and a fake, at the expense of the true victim or victims’.

The Narcissistic situation is one of the few situations in life where the true victim is left alone to recover from what could often be described as A Complete Nervous Breakdown, while The Narcissist feigns victimhood and presented as the victim.

I have wanted retribution and validation.
I have also wanted those same Flying Monkeys’ that have worked for The Narcissist to apologise, to come to their senses, to realise that they have been conned and to understand that they do not know the ins and outs of what has actually gone down.

Well there are two reasons.

Number one.
The Narcissist is a con artist, a master manipulator, deflector, love bomber and emulator.

Number two.
The Flying Monkeys’ are often judgemental, easily manipulated, fall for tall stories, don’t have personal boundaries and believe whatever they are told.

A lot of Flying Monkeys’ are enabling types, Abuse Apologists, want something from The Narcissist, believe that the victim holding The Narcissist accountable should just get on with it and forget that they were publicly humiliated, ganged up on and smeared, let it go and forgive.

From my experience Flying Monkeys’ exist because a victim has challenged The Narcissist in some way and The Narcissist feels criticised.

Criticism is a fate worse then death for A Narcissist and is the very reason why Narcissists’ have Flying Monkeys.

95% of Flying Monkeys’ have two things in common, they all believe in the false persona and they can’t mind their own business.

Truth tellers, whistleblowers, scapegoated and victims are always portrayed as the crazy one to The Narcissist’s Flying Monkeys’.

As soon as the victims tries to hold The Narcissist accountable for his actions, The Narcissist will deny what he has done to the victim.

This is called Gaslighting.
If The Narcissist can’t have complete control over every aspect of your mind, he will lie about you and will try to control other people’s perception of you.

Narcissists’ describe victims of abuse as unhinged and out of touch with reality so as they can avoid accountability.

Once The Narcissist realises you are on to him and he can’t control your opinion, The Smear Campaign begins.

The Narcissist doesn’t not want to be found out for being the fake that they truly are.

This would mean they would have no choice but to face their false self and fess up to their disgusting deeds.

Where there is a lack of responsibility, there will always be Scapegoats’ and Flying Monkeys’.

How do healthy people handle gossip?
Healthy people often listen to the gossip but leave it at that.

They will reserve judgement until they get to know the other person or hear the full story from both parties.

Healthy people don’t become involved in triangulation unless it is to put a stop to a triangulation.

What do Flying Monkeys do when The Narcissist plays the victim and make up lies about the real victim?
Flying Monkeys align straight away, get annoyed with the victim for seeking accountability and soothe The Narcissist instead of the true victim.

Flying Monkeys’ are brainwashed and insecure people who fall hook line and sinker for the bait.

In their mind they are aligning with The Narcissist against a perpetrator or a targeted victim.

They believe the victim is the troubled bully in the relationship.

Flying Monkeys’ have a pack mentality, are very insecure, have big issues themselves and will secure their position in the pack by vilifying or Scapegoating someone else to feel better.

How does The Narcissist manipulate Minions into aligning with them?
The Narcissist will divide a group of people with the use of triangulation in order to conquer the victim.

This strategy is used to align family members’, siblings’, employees’ and friends’.
It becomes a case of well so and so the victim doesn’t like you either.

They said this this and this.

Sadly these Minions fall victims to a pack of lies.

Triangulation reinforces to The Narcissist’s allies that the victim truly is a bad seed, needs to be taken down, isolated and gotten rid of.

Do not be fooled.
Yes, the victim is being isolated but The Narcissist is also dividing and triangulating The Flying Monkeys’ against one another as well.

Do The Flying Monkeys see The Narcissist for who they truely are?
No, 95% of them do not.

The Narcissist’s followers know The Narcissist has some problems, they just don’t know the depth of these problems.

There is no reason for The Narcissist to show their Minions their dark side.

They are simply secondary fuel sources to The Narcissist.

They have no need to challenge The Narcissist and are the perfect mirror for The Narcissist because they only ever see the false persona.

The victim is the only person who truly knows who The Narcissist is.

The mirror is the problem here.

If the mirror being you doesn’t reflect back to what The Narcissist want to hear about himself , then The Narcissist will smash the mirror.

This is when Scapegoating occur.

Flying Monkeys’ are the perfect enabler’s, won’t step on the cracks and enable enable enable.

Where as Scapegoated Individuals’ call a spade a spade and say it how it is.

What makes a Flying Monkey a Flying Monkey?
Typically, Flying Monkeys’ have various belief systems which elevate them into flying monkey status.

A lot of Flying Monkeys’ are weak Covert Narcissists’ themselves and don’t have a problem watching other people being bullied.

They are often Abuse Apologists’, forgive and forget types, who have a firm belief that people grow out of their mistakes.

Flying Monkeys’ excuse The Narcissist’s reckless past behaviour and believe that it is truely possible for people who have done terrible things to change because I guess, sometimes people do change.

The 5% of Flying Monkeys that see The Narcissist for what they are dumb down the problem with little regard to the people it affects and call it an emotional disability.

Unfortunately A Narcissist will choose these types of enabling beings to be their Flying Monkeys.

Be assured that a lot of people do know that your Narcissist is an actor.

They do see straight through the facade and question the stories The Narcissist is telling them.

They wonder why The Narcissist continues to claim that their victim has a mental health problem when she looked ok last week.

Good people do not befriend people who tell half truths, use the divide and conquer method on them and constantly report that everybody is bad.

These people will not become directly enmeshed with The Narcissist because they know something is up.

The Flying Monkeys’ however are easily manipulated and don’t view a red flag as a red flag.

Every now and again A Narcissistic Abuse Victim is told by A Flying Monkey that they know The Narcissist is downright dangerous.

These Flying Monkeys’ fall short because they remain tied to a person that is emotionally destroying the victim, their friend or a family member.

They are too gutless to stand up for the abused, they don’t want to lose their comfort pleasures and they have no issue sacrificing the mental health of the abused.

This Flying Monkey does not care if the abuse pushes the individual to have a psychotic breakdown.

As long as they are ok that is all that matters.

These knowing Flying Monkeys’ often come in the form of one of The Narcissist’s friends or a disloyal sibling to A Scapegoat.

These Flying Monkeys are in some ways more morally accountable and karmically liable than the severely Brainwashed Flying Monkeys who have no idea they are being manipulated.

They know The Narcissist is dangerous and they don’t care about the nervous breakdown or the suicide attempts which often come hand in hand for the victim who has been Scapegoated and shunned by everyone around.

This person is not your friend.

This friend is not going to pull A Scapegoater up on their bullying behaviour.

This Flying Monkey may not directly pick on a victim but when push comes to shove they most certainly are not for the victim.

The Scapegoated Victims pain means nothing to these Knowing Flying Monkeys’.

They do not care because if they did, they would be so enraged at the abuse of another, that they wouldn’t be able to contain themselves.

The desire to protect the person they love would be so strong that they wouldn’t be able to hold their tongue and they most certainly would not have it in them to enable the perpetrator, soul destroyer and life ruiner that almost pushed their friend over the edge.

Scapegoating is serious business and the isolation involved can push the bullied victim to suicide.

Outcast and shunned Scapegoats have been known to die from drug addiction and depression before because the shame of being hated for being who they are is too much to handle.

Knowing Flying Monkeys condone abuse at the expense of another because standing up for truth would mean they would be thrown out of the friendship group.

Unless A Flying Monkey is in The Accidental Flying Monkey category or The Well Meaning, these Minions are never good people.

There is something very wrong with a self focused enabler who places their needs over the mental health of others.

Scapegoated Victims’ are often told by these types that they shouldn’t have such high expectations in expecting their loved one or friend to stand up for them.

It is common for these types of Flying Monkeys to manipulate The Scapegoated Individual into believing that they are the problem because they won’t forgive, forget and accept that everyone can screw up.

This person needs you to forgive and forget a fully fledged perpetrator, stop talking about it, pretend The Narcissist is relatively safe and to stop expecting support from them.

By saying nothing, laughing at The Scapegoated Individuals expense
and continuing to allow The Scapegoater’s to believe that their behaviour is acceptable and that what they did is ok is a cowardly immoral and disgusting act.

These Minions’ know exactly who and what The Narcissist is, but they do not care about the impact The Narcissist has on another.

People like this do not have empathy.

Empathetic friends support Scapegoated Individuals.

They don’t allow them to languish in emotional hell.

Do The Flying Monkeys’ know The Narcissist to their full extent?
The answer is no they do not.

95% of Minions’ do not realise they are being recruited and they do not know how dangerous The Narcissist is.

The Narcissist doesn’t tell them the terrible things they did to their victim.

In situations of workplace abuse and abuse amongst friends, Flying Monkeys’ most often have no idea that the target is being set up and that they, The Flying Monkeys are being used to triangulate against the target and to act as a puppet on a string.

They have no idea that The Narcissist has reversed the roles and is actually impersonating their victim’s lovely personality to manipulate them in the first place.

The horrible personality The Narcissist reinvents as being their victim’s personality is actually The Narcissist’s personality.

The love bombing, emulating of another’s personality and random acts of kindness, make it almost impossible for an easily manipulated Flying Monkey to see through The Narcissist.

HG Tudor, a well known Narcissistic Sociopath says himself that people are just plain stupid when it comes to believing the facade.

Will the Flying Monkeys’ ever see The Narcissists for who they are?
The only way A Flying Monkey will ever see who The Narcissist is, is if they challenge The Narcissist.

If a Flying Monkey particularly An Accidental Flying Monkey stands up for an abused victim, disagrees with The Narcissist or doesn’t reflect back to The Narcissist the mirror they want them to be, then yes, they will be thrown out of the fold and Scapegoated.

Scapegoat’ can be replaced at any given moment and Flying Monkeys’ can become Scapegoats’.

Types of Flying Monkeys.

Well Meaning Flying Monkeys.
From my experience with Well Meaning Flying Monkeys’, they have no idea the extent of The Narcissist’s Abusiveness and they honestly think they are trying to help fix a fixable situation.

They have no idea that their inappropriate intervention is mentally damaging and dangerous to say the least.

These same Flying Monkeys’ will take it upon themselves to question The Scapegoat victim on their reasoning behind the no contact.

They will often tell The Scapegoated Victim that they need to forgive and forget the abuse.

These Flying Monkeys’ come in the form of minsters’, priests, church folk, elderly people who had good upbringings, or friends who have no idea what Narcissistic Abuse is.

These same people will listen to The Scapegoat to no avail.

The Scapegoats voice goes unheard and The Flying Monkey continues to believe they know better.

Common phrases of An Abuse Apologist Flying Monkey,
We have all got faults.
Forgive and forget.
Nobody’s perfect.
You have to forgive at some point.
It happened a long time ago.
You are acting out on your ego.

The Abuse Apologist has no concern for the Psychological Abuse committed against the Victim or anybody else for that matter.

The Accidental Flying Monkey.
The Accidental Flying Monkey is a kind and caring person that often becomes entangled with Narcissists’.

They hold an overall belief that anyone can makes changes to their personality if they really want to.

The Accidental Flying Monkey would never allow The Narcissist to bully anyone else while in their company and they refuse to talk nasty about people with The Narcissist.

Sometimes they will even gently pull The Narcissist up without actually pulling them up.

They are a secondary fuel source and they are important to The Narcissist.

Again they know The Narcissist is entitled, troubled and all the rest.

This Empath will pick The Narcissist up if push comes to shove and if The Narcissist doesn’t like it, they will cease the friendship.

The Judgemental, Assuming Flying Monkey.
Judgemental and Assuming Flying Monkeys’ are often people who don’t even know The Narcissist.

These people are often friends’ or acquaintances’ of The Victim.

They get under The Narcissistically Abused Victims skin because they judge the victim’s choices.

Again these people can be fundamentally fanatical in their beliefs.

These Flying Monkey types are random Abuse Apologists.

Their fundamental belief is that relationships should be persisted at all times.

These Flying Monkeys can’t look underneath the acts of abuse and deeply into the damage which has been done to The Narcissists’ Abuse victims’.

I have met Flying Monkeys who honestly believe that everything should be just left to run its course.

A lot of these people are Narcissistic themselves and often become overly invested in religious philosophy, law of attraction beliefs and mindfulness techniques.

They have missed the boat and have misinterpreted some of the bibles most core beliefs about Abusive People.

These types of people believe we should forgive and forget and not to hold a grudge regardless of heinous acts or crimes.

Hateful Flying Monkeys.
Hateful Flying Monkeys’ come in all shapes and sizes.

These Flying Monkeys’ will get involved in the shaming, smearing and bullying of a victim.

Again, scenarios differ; but the core reality here is that these people have become easily brainwashed to do The Narcissist’s bidding.

Yes they do know that they are deliberately bullying the victim but they genuinely believe the victim is at fault and deserves the abuse.

The Hateful Flying Monkey that cyber stalks the victim, plays both sides of the fence, searches for private information to disclose about the victim, knows what they are doing.

Do they know they have been manipulated and brainwashed?
No they do not.

The question is do they care?
The answer is no they don’t care.

Hateful Flying Monkeys are your snakes in the grass and some of them are the equivalent to Hitler’s Minions.

Do The Psychopaths Flying Monkeys’ know who The Narcissist is?
It is very rare to find a Flying Monkey who knows the full extent of The Narcissist.

The healthy people who do quickly realise The Narcissist is a wolf and relinquish all contact with The Narcissist.

Most Flying Monkeys are so thoroughly manipulated by The Narcissist that they honestly have no idea that they are acting like puppets on a string.

Always keep in mind that all fuel sources are assessed by The Narcissist before the manipulations can begin.

Flying Monkeys’ are sourced for their naivety, insecurities, conforming behaviour and predator pleasing traits.

Narcissists’ deliberately choose people who will aid them in their unconscious onslaughts of targeted good people.

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