Who Has The Hardest Life ,, A Narcissist Or His Victim?!

What I‘m going to say is hard to accept and easy to deny.

The hardest life could be of The Victim.
As victims believe in honesty and true feelings they might tend to believe that it’s The Narcissist who has the hardest life.

But that doesn’t fit in.
That doesn’t add up.

Narcissists are oblivious of others sufferings.

They are the world most ruthless predators.
They believe their own lies.
Their reality is different than this to what normal people feel and see.

Because they lack human qualities which enables a normal person to see the full reality.

There are a lot of factors that would enable Victims to pull themselves back together, become stronger and accept reality.

But they need proper education to build a stronger personality.

They need a support network in order to strive and survive.

Until this is provided and the world is aware of this disorder we will have to stop the nonsense and accept the harsh reality.

Hitler didn’t lead a bad life.
Whether it’s a purposeful one or not is a different question but the way he traumatised millions of people is undeniable.

Let’s accept the fact that the worst life could be the life of victims.

Victims can become Survivors if supported properly and once they become Survivors they can lead a much better life and know so much more about themselves and the world around them.

That’s colourful if this support and understanding of that disorder is available.

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