Who Is Most Likely To Become Isolated?!

The Narcissist shuts out the world barricading himself from the horrors that suffocated him as a child.

Buried beneath his false bravado the child is isolated.

The Narcissist in full grandiose armour appears haughty, self assured and full of life.

Yet even when he is surrounded by people he is the loneliest person on earth.

This is because he is never able to form intimate relationships with anyone.

He can never truly ever be himself.

He must hide behind a fake persona, pretending to be someone he’s not so that the world will not see how unworthy, how scared and how loathsome he really is.

The victim in the end is so broken and often her life is left in tatters.

She is fearful of the world now.
She has become so accustomed to living in a constant state of anxiety that everything makes her feel anxious.

There is a constant feeling of dread and pending doom like someone is out there to get her.

She has become paranoid because she is so used to the monster being just around the corner waiting to catch her doing this misdeed or that bad act.

She is afraid to form relationships for fear of ever succumbing to her emotions and giving someone control over her again.

She views being in love as being in prison.

Her home becomes her safe haven.
A place where she can hide and not worry about impending dangers.

She doesn’t invite people to her home because it is hard to trust.

What if that person has bad intentions?
Everyone is looked at negatively because he could be the new boogie man.

It’s so hard to trust when you have had an unbelievable traumatic experience.

Your privacy was taken from you.
Your identity was stolen.
Your independence was ripped away.
Your rights as a human being was denied.

It is much safer to just be a hermit.
Go to work, come home, eat, sleep and then start over.

It’s peaceful and it’s safe.

The Narcissist will end up being isolated because of his evil deeds.

The Victim will end up being isolated by choice.

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