Who Is The Winner?!

A target of A Narcissist generally speaking will recover from their experience, learn, grow from it, and then go on to know true love, happiness and peace.

Once they have removed the malignancy known as The Narcissist from their sphere of existence permanently they will experience a life full of warmth and joy.

The Narcissist in the target’s life will be a distant memory by that point and will have ultimately effected the target’s life in a way that is no more significant than learning not to touch a hot stove top.

He will be the furthest thing from his target’s mind.

The Narcissist, however is doomed to live and die by the cycle of his disorder because he is incapable of self reflection, introspection, accountability and will never admit to or take responsibility for any wrong doing or suffering he causes.

He will never admit with any sincerity that he is flawed and makes mistakes so how can he learn from it?

How can he change if he doesn’t truly believe that he has done anything wrong?

A Narcissistic Romance is a tainted love.
It is a cautionary tale.

Genuine love for The Narcissist can’t be sustained for a number of reasons but most importantly because it is built on a plethora of lies and deceit.

It becomes an addiction that is unsatisfying, unfulfilling.

One that will eventually be escaped and recovered from even if it takes years.

They would get more comfort from a potted plant.

A relationship with A Narcissist is a fog of darkness that once lifted shall never be revisited.

It is a benchmark experience by which one compares its darkness and poison to the light of a genuine love and romance with a healthy person.

Victims will know they are with the right person because they experienced being in a relationship with the wrong person.

This is the single solitary value in having experienced a relationship with a disordered person of any kind.

There will be very few people if any at the Narcissist’s side when he nears the end of his life.

His eulogy will be short and anyone who hasn’t been totally alienated will only be there out of obligation.

What a sad existence.
I would feel sorry for The Narcissist if he wasn’t such a rat bastard.

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