Why All The Lies?!

There is only one reason why A Narcissist lies and it’s to confuse you.

There is only one reason to confuse you and it’s to subvert your agency.

There is only one reason to subvert your agency and it’s to win against you.

There is usually no reason to win against you.
So ultimately there’s no reason for lying to you.

Whatever material benefit The Narcissist achieved could have been achieved through other means like asking nicely, making the right choices in life or humbling himself and telling the truth.

We do it so why he’s not doing the same?
Then you ask yourself why The Narcissist wants to win against you?

The answer is duper’s delight.
The reason for duper’s delight is sadism.
The reason for sadism is hatred.
The reason for hatred is something deeply spiritual and beyond what I’m prepared to go into right now.

This must sound confusing because I’m making myself confused while writing it.

But at the same time I’m not confused because the source of my confusion is the nature of The Narcissist Mind.

Use too much cognitive empathy to understand A Narcissist and you will become confused because The Mind Of The Narcissist is pure confusion.

The Mind Of The Narcissist is chaos.
It is crazy-making.
It is arbitrariness.
It is discontinuity.
It is fragmentation.
It is incoherence.

Becoming confused while trying to understand The Narcissist indicates that you have the right mindset.

A Narcissist with his mask on and successfully deceiving everyone doesn’t confuse you because he leaves you confident, certain, inspired and love-bombed.

It’s The Unmasked Narcissist who confuses you.
Permanent and disregarded cognitive dissonance is the true state of The Narcissist’s Mind.

Why does The Narcissist lie?
A Narcissist is incapable of coherent, he’s not stupid but he’s totally delusional and incoherent.

He lies because of duper’s delight.
Because he enjoys seeing you confused.
Because he get thrills out of tormenting you with lies.

Because he likes to cause you cognitive dissonance.
Because he wants to infect you with his own chaos.
Because he wants to hurt and injure your real self with weaponised incoherence and discontinuity.

But I also realised that A Narcissist doesn’t have a logical reason for doing things.

If he did then we as Survivors wouldn’t have so many survival methods written to survive this puzzling creature.

If A Normal Person lied to you, there would be a very simple and a straightforward reason to why he/she did this.

There’s no such thing for A Narcissist.
I believe he lies because he wants to ruin everything unnecessarily.

Why he wants to ruin everything unnecessarily?
There’s no satisfactory answer.

A Narcissist is the unreasonableness itself and the unreasoning itself and that’s why it’s always important to remember not to treat him as a normal human being.

You will be endangering yourself and your emotional well-being if you did this.

Never love, trust or treat A Narcissist with compassion because that’s how you keep endangering yourself.

We treat people with compassion because we unconditionally assume that they are humans and that they are humane.

Anyone who destroys innocent people is inhumane and ultimately morally insane.

Anyone who is morally insane has no concrete or a moral reason for performing any moral action or making any moral choice.

Lying Is A Moral Choice.

A Narcissist is morally insane and can furnish no moral reason for lying.

How would you treat A Narcissist if you aren’t supposed to treat him like a normal, sane, moral human being?

I’m still not sure because it’s a fraught.
He is nominally human but he behaves in a very inhumane way.

That’s why Victims talk endlessly about their puzzling behaviour and write endlessly about the lives The Narcissist senselessly ruined.

How should you treat someone like this?
Don’t love him, don’t trust him and don’t treat him with compassion.

Most importantly don’t allow him to confuse you, don’t believe a word he says and don’t expect him to do the right thing.

If it’s possible go no contact.
It’s not cowardice.

Life is just too short to be toyed around and treated like a worthless human being.

Don’t you have something better to do?
Don’t you have better places to be?
Don’t you have better people to hang out with?

So what’s the point of cooperating with your own degradation?

You won’t even make The Narcissist happy.
A Narcissist can’t be happy.

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