Why Are Narcissists Seemingly Incurable?!

This topic is not going to be easy to accept.
Narcissists are incurable because they don’t genuinely reason.

They don’t genuinely feel and they don’t remember what truly matters.

Reasoning is necessary for reevaluating yourself.
We reprogram our minds through reasoning.

When life events impact us, it alters our memories and it gets recorded in our memories.

Those memories then impinge on our reasoning.
Correct or healthy reasoning processes those memories.

Sense is derived from correctly interpreting it and our model of the world and other people advances.

This is called growth, wisdom and maturity.
Genuine feelings are necessary to aid reasoning.
A lot of our reasoning actually stems from the need to sort out difficult feelings.

Memories alone without the accompanying feelings don’t impinge on us heavily.

We don’t relate to the lessons taught in high school.

It’s the emotional memories that impinge on us.
And these memories force us to grow through forcing us to introspect and to reevaluate ourselves, the world and other people.

Once again genuine feelings, correct and healthy feelings are required.

Fake feelings don’t drive us to reason, it doesn’t contribute to growth, to understanding or better modelling of anything.

Lastly the life memories that truly matter are feeling memories.

As I mentioned earlier not all our memories count.

We will not think about our high school algebra on our death bed.

It’s our life’s joys and griefs, triumphs and setbacks that is regarded as our true memories because it contributes strongly to forming our identities.

Narcissists lack all three.
They can’t genuinely reason.
They can’t genuinely feel.
They have no substantial and accurate feeling memories.

They have pretend versions of all three, pretend reasoning, pretend feelings and fabricated or tampered with memories because they lack these things and they can’t process their lives.

They actually have either no or insubstantial life data to process.

The incurability of Narcissism is actually strongly related to their arrested development and stems from the same cause.

Do they want to understand anything to do with feelings?

Do they remember any feelings of events?
Do situations cause them to feel any genuine feelings?

Do these things cause them to think genuine thoughts in attempts to resolve things and to reason why?

For the same reason that you can’t sit A Narcissist down, reason with him and talk some sense into him because he will put on the mask of listening and the mask of comprehension but nothing actually gets through, you also can’t make him feel in response to situations.

Narcissists don’t reason and they don’t feel.

Mostly what they feel can fall squarely within limited categories such as feeling threatened, fear, rage, high, irritation and boredom.

In a sense, these are not genuine feelings when it comes from The Narcissist because its deployment is usually inappropriate.

For example,
• In response to the birth of his newborn, he feels bored.

• In response to losing at chess, he feels threatened and then Narcissistic Rage.

• In response to an old friend dropping by, he feels indifference.

• In response to learning that a friend got in a car accident, he feels like a winner.

• In response to being told he is abusive, he feels threatened and then Narcissistic Rage.

These are not genuine feelings.
These are unnatural responses.
There are no brakes, no steering wheel and no gear shifts.

The Narcissist is a car that is either zero or maximum speed of fake or inappropriate feelings.

It’s hard to distinguish fake from inappropriate feelings.

So without genuine raw material to work with, their consciousness is undeveloped.

That is why Narcissist Spotters observe that Narcissists seem quite inhuman in how they deal with life and people.

• Narcissists never genuinely take anything seriously because they are always faking it and hoping to make it.

• They can disregard anything because they have no sense of what’s important and what’s not.

• They fly into rages over nothing and then fail to get offended at genuinely offensive things because they have no concept of personhood, boundaries, respect and also they have no moral compass.

• They cherish strangers and neglect loved ones because they can’t experience love for their loved ones.

• They want something really badly and then lose interest as soon as they get it because they wanted it for the fantasy and not for the real thing itself.

• They start projects and then drop it because projects are good only as long as it is a fantasy but when it becomes real, it’s bad.

• They demonstrate fervent belief in something and then behave like an utter hypocrite towards its tenets because Narcissists can’t be true believers.

• They alienate all their loved ones and they are not fearful for their future because their loved ones are not real to them.

• They never invest in the future and they only consume like there is no tomorrow because the future doesn’t exist to them.

• They can’t even empathise with their own future selves, they treat their future selves like exploitation material and consume their own future until there’s none left because their future selves don’t exist to them.

• They can’t feel conscience because other people don’t exist.

• They can’t feel sorry because they never did anything to people who never existed.

• They can’t be repentant.
• They lack genuine curiosity, wonder, introspection and sober minded moments.

Narcissists have never experienced paradigm shifts.

They have no genuine paradigms.
There is nothing to shift and this is because their sole paradigm is arbitrariness.

They have never genuinely invested in a perspective because all their perspectives are like masks, replaceable, interchangeable and inconsequential.

Arbitrariness is not a paradigm, it is chaos.

This never-developed consciousness that is at the root of their arrested development and inhumanity prevents cure.

Why don’t they have empathy?
Why don’t they ever feel sorry for hurting others?

Why can’t they ever just see when they have done something wrong?

Why everything they hear gets heard wrongly?
Why is everything of theirs only directed inwards with nothing is directed outwards?

Why do they disregard everything outside?
If you think deeply enough about these things, you might come to admit that these things concern the criteria for real personhood.

There is something missing in The Narcissist.
Calling it inhuman is merely one way to attempt to come to grasp with it.

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