Why Are Narcissists So Cruel?!

Have you ever looked at the Narcissist with a pleading, longing gaze after he has cut you to your core with his reckless and senseless cruelty?

You silently question, why, with a devastated stare because you have done nothing to deserve this treatment?

Only to have him look at you deadpanned and his cold-eyes searching your face and feeling nothing.

Have you ever thrown your head back and eyes shut when your Narcissist tickled you with their seemingly effortless humour?

Finally, you collect yourself, wiping tears of joy away and he looks at you unmoved, like a scientist considering a subject.

Then, he dispassionately question, Am I still that funny?

You are happy finally someone knows your most secret self.

After such a long, long time of not seeing my Narcissist, I remember asking him, Don’t you miss me when I’m gone? with the naiveté only afforded by lovers and children.

He answered with a look of disgust and one staccato phrase, I guess.

My pleading eyes searched his face for any signs of compassion.

Did I see any remorse?
Did he care that he had never taken the time to know me?
I saw nothing.

All what he did to hurt me until that moment, did not compare to realising his unimaginable apathy for me.

How had his once impassioned love become this sad detachment?
It was a mystery to me.

But I could tell my enduring hunger for him was just as mysterious to him because he felt nothing.

Narcissists are so destructive because no matter how much they make you feel loved, no matter how beautiful or handsome their conquests and no matter how much money they make, eventually they will feel nothing.

For them, there is nothing except flashes of pleasure that fades and endless pursuits of unsustainable happiness.

They are outraged because they will never learn to appreciate the crinkles etched on their face because of years of genuine expressions.

They will never feel the longing of true love gained and lost.

They will never beam with delight at being surprised with a kind gesture.

They will never spill tears at the inevitable losses and surprising gains in this life, that can only be experienced by someone that has lived well and loved.

Why not blow up the world when you have nothing to lose?

Why not throw out things that are priceless, when you don’t know their worth?

Why not exploit the innocent when you can’t experience their wonder firsthand?

Why not destroy everything when everything only has a temporary value?

That’s why they are so cruel because they have no heart, no conscious and no empathy.

They only feel happy when they hurt and manipulate others and it is their ultimate pleasure to see us in pain.

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