Why Are Narcissists So Focused On Being Vindictive?

A Narcissist can pretend to be nice then turn it off and on like a switch once he feels offended.

You will immediately become the enemy and he will become vindictive and will never cease trying to make you pay for what you have done to him.

The Narcissist will treat you like an enemy because to him everything is a war.

He dwells in a psychologically inflamed, triggered and paranoid state filled with constant imagined slights .

Fighting battles that don’t even exist outside of his chaotic mind.

Because A Narcissist’s intentions towards others are so exploitative and morally bankrupted.

They expect everyone to be secretly corrupted too.

A Narcissist lives in a state of conscious rage, repressed aggression, envy and hatred.

As a result he is paranoid, suspicious, scared and eratic.

Frightening The Narcissist is a powerful behaviour modification tool.

If The Narcissist has a secret you can use to threaten him and he will hold on to a grudge forever and if he has it in for you he would do whatever possible to get back at you.

A Narcissist can’t stand to see you succeed or being happy, that’s why he always look for reasons to put you down, attack your self esteem and try to make you doubt yourself.

He will never be happy for you or supportive of your efforts.

It is his own insecurities and unhappiness within himself that causes deep envy and jealousy.

The Narcissist will dump all the blame for the demise of the relationship on you along with every bad quality he possesses.

He extracts and takes with him your good qualities.

This will leave you with a horrible view of yourself and the idea that he is off to live happily ever after with someone else.

Not happening because anything without strong roots won’t last forever.

As you heal you will begin to see that the mirage of your Prince Charming is a real life Devil who was hurting you for too long and you will use his hatred to grow back all the beautiful qualities you have always had deeply rooted in your soul.

He will always be egotistical and alone.

Remember, he was this way before he met you and he will be this way until he dies.

Narcissists tend to repeat their patterns.

The Narcissist can sense when your gaining strength and fed-up of his mind games.

Then he will either play nice until he gets back in control or he will discard you, ghost you or abandon you.

This is your punishment for seeing right through him and finding him out.

He has to be surrounded by his flying monkeys who can’t see the real him.

The new supply is not going to get the good person you desperately wanted.

Get that out of your head, the new supply is going to get the same old Narcissist you have known and grew to deeply dislike because this is who he is.

He will treat everyone in accordance to what is ultimately beneficial for him.

A Narcissist detest the truth especially when it’s pointed out to him.

It enrages him and activates his volcanic rage.

It’s just the way he relates to people, everything and everyone is there to fulfil a need of his.

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