Why Are We So Traumatised By Narcissistic Abuse?!

The reason it’s traumatising is because we don’t have an answer other than the fact that Narcissists do this to everyone.

When we are abused by A Narcissist we are beaten mentally.

It’s like getting metaphorically hit with a baseball bat on our head.

We will never win because they are too good at what they do.

An experience that makes us question our own thoughts is traumatising.

I have never had that happen until I met him.

I literally would say something and The Narcissist would manipulate me for two minutes.

After that two minutes I wasn’t sure if I said what I said in the first place.

If that isn’t the ultimate mental abuse then I don’t know what is.

The other part that is traumatising is that we felt something we believed to be real.

It’s hard to come to the realisation that we were duped.

It’s hard to realise that we really believed this person when he said that he cared.

And now this person is gone out of our lives and we are sitting here heartbroken while he is out there doing exactly what was done to us to someone else.

How can someone be like that?
How can a person not have a soul?

It’s hard to realise that we probably sacrificed more than we were willing to admit because now in the light of the day it seems so ridiculous that we didn’t see it.

It’s frustrating to say the least but it hurts a lot.

And it leaves a mark on us that won’t easily fade.

To discover that we were just another in a long line of people that have been used and discarded is more than hurtful.

When we love someone the pain is sometimes unbearable.

We can talk about this person’s Narcissistic ways and see it for what it is.

The fact remains that the pain, trauma and all of those feelings we have when we lose someone is still there.

And we have to recover from it.
The trauma will probably be with us for a long time.

It doesn’t just go away.
I believe it’s changed me.

Somehow we have to come to terms with the why of it all.

It’s so hard when there is no closure.
Victims of Narcissistic Abuse don’t get closure.

Our why is not really answered until we process all of this.

Sometimes even then it’s not good enough.

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