Why As An Empath do I Sometimes Seek Revenge?

You seek revenge for many reasons.

You are pissed because you have lived your life with integrity.

You would give your soul to help a perfect stranger.

You are aware of never hurting anyone’s feelings.

You love with your whole heart.

That said, you have come to realise that the person you have loved unconditionally was using and abusing you!

Your soul has been crushed.

You can’t wrap your head around how this is even possible.

How another human could be so cruel, exploitative and heartless.

You are loving, kind, generous and trusting.

To encounter the exact opposite qualities in another person is mind blowing to an empath and you question why you want revenge?

The real question is why wouldn’t you?!

Revenge in an empath’s mind is being hopeful that you could effectively stop the Narcissists in his tracks and force him to reflect on the damage he does still holding out hope that he may have a conscience.

This is also combined with making sure that he never causes harm to another beautiful soul EVER AGAIN!

You seek revenge because you were violated in the most heinous way possible.

You gave your pure unconditional trust and it was used to poison your spirit with no concern for your well being.

You were fooled into dreaming a dream that was not even a broken promise, it was callous deception and nothing more.

You loved so deeply and realised your soul was sucked out through your emotions to fill the bottomless emptiness of another’s void at your expense with no recognition to your sacrifice and no gratitude ,, just selfish self interest.

You were used as his own personal dumping ground for all his negative nonsense.

You are aware of a stain on humanity and find it intolerable.

You know it is an injustice that he is still breathing and screwing somebody else’s life.

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