Why Can’t We Just Move On Like He Did?!

Because unlike him we were emotionally invested in the relationship.

The person doing the most work is always the most invested.

A Narcissist is always in our lives but we are never in his.

He makes sure to compartmentalise everything.

Cut off all contact and make sure there is no way you can see if he contacts you.

Unlike this broken individual we are capable of love and we truly cared about this person.

Try as we might, empathic people can’t just toss hearts out like that.

When we lose someone we love it cuts us deep and we must heal, like learning how to walk again for the first time.

When we lose The Narcissist we feel like a part of our heart have severed away.

I felt like I was killing a part of myself when I had to muster up the courage to say goodbye.

Some people come into our lives to teach us how to let go.

It is not easy but once we embrace this, we must let it go so we can get someone more valuable and far more worthy than The Narcissist ever was or will be.

Someone who is capable of love and compassion with a genuine positive spirit.

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  • Straight to the point. 👍

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