Why Can’t You Rip The Narcissist’s Mask Off.

Because A Narcissist doesn’t have a mask in the same way Psychopaths do.

The Narcissistic Mask is more of an integrated affair and doesn’t separate cleanly from the true self.

Oftentimes when The Narcissist is with friends or people who likes him, he genuinely enjoys their company.

The joy and affection he may feel is real and it is not merely to trick the person.

And because it is real you may have a hard time convincing the other person that The Narcissist is Evil.

The second thing is that A Narcissist is extremely status conscious.

In every environment he is aware of where he is and where he wants to be.

People who he considers above him will be treated with kindness because that’s only fair.

Of course the ultimate goal is to reach the top of the local hierarchy and have everyone beneath him treat him well because again, it’s only fair.

Those below him are also often treated well as long as they know their place.

Certain Narcissists take special joy in bequeathing kindness to others who are no challenge to their self esteem.

It allows him to further the concept of him being sane and everyone else deviating from that.

Again this is not quite a mask.
Although it seems helpful The Narcissistic Mask requires a lot of effort and is prone to mishaps.

And these mishaps come when The Narcissist is in a period of low self esteem.

A Narcissist can’t stand losing.
So when he senses that his ship is sinking which could be brought about by the presence of strong incriminating information he will often discard it.

He will not care anymore and have a hard time considering others when he is under the influence of strong emotions.

Keep in mind that A Narcissist tends to be one step ahead of you.

Every time he acts in a way that could potentially be used against him, he has already justified it to himself.

This is possibly a habit learnt in childhood where he had to justify every behaviour and fault to an unrelenting and spiteful parent.

In fact the greatest amount of justification is directed towards himself in order to keep up the self image of superiority.

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