Why Do I Still Miss Him Sometimes?

If you love someone it’s a natural feeling to miss them and want them to make amends for whatever happened to make you unhappy.

I ended up hating him more then I actually ever loved him.

This was very unfortunate for me because he drained all my positive energy and left me with nothing but negative energy.

Let your intellect go to work for you to weigh out everything this relationship has done for you and to you and be completely truthful with yourself.

This is a very important part of this dysfunctional love when missing or dealing with the disorders of Narcissism.

Research the good and the bad of returning or staying away from Narcissistic Abuse.

Educate yourself by all means, that’s one of the best ways to stay one step ahead of your Narcissist and to showing your Narcissist what you are really made of not weakness but how tough you really are.

Every single time you take your pathological lying Narcissist back his Narcissistic Abuse heightened.

Highly functional Narcissists think everyone is weak and they need to be controlled, that’s their logic not yours.

Always know what your doing and saying to a Narcissist and that’s where your help and research comes into play, also tell someone you can trust that doesn’t care for your Narcissist at all what you are doing in the dysfunctional love with the Narcissist.

If you don’t have someone like that you can do what I did.

I had a diary on my Narcissist.

Most Narcissists are always banking on you not trusting yourself and that makes it easier for them to take complete control over YOU with the returning and the discarding of you.

Closure of wide open emotional wounds, is facilitated by a show of empathy from the person causing them.

Your suffering is validated by acknowledging it happened.

Knowing you matter and your feelings count is substantiated with an apology.

Remorse from the offending party is a soothing salve.

The Narcissist is not done taking from you.

Not that admitting anything they did was ever a real possibility, they will intentionally withhold closure to cause you pain.

They get a kick out of playing with your emotions.

Knowing they are keeping you down makes them feel superior.

They think you are weak and deserve to be punished.

Closure will not be coming.

You need to accept that.

The sooner you do the sooner you get pass this.

Forgive or ignore and try to not even worry about it.

You know what’s right and what’s wrong.

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