Why Do Narcissists Enjoy Playing Mind Games?!

If you look around you will see those diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are proclaiming that they don’t wake up with the intention of playing mind games, destroying someone or tormenting someone.

So what are they doing then?
A Narcissist will say that he is just trying to make himself happy and that he simply isn’t aware of how unconscionable actions effect others.

For me this is all just nonsense.
I‘m qualified to call it nonsense because I have seen these mind games and deceptions played out and strung out so long that there can be no excuse such as he doesn’t realise what he is doing.

When you point out to him EXACTLY what it is he is doing and he refuses to tell the truth or admit it then how is it that he doesn’t realise what he has done?

Even if he won’t admit it to you, he knows it.

But it’s Narcissism and that’s part of the problem with this disorder.

Narcissists can’t escape from that little catch and complication.

To a logical thinking and descent person, we have no desire to play games with anyone especially not with someone that we don’t even care about.

The Narcissist will even have sex with someone he secretly thinks is disgusting and unattractive.

He does things that non disordered people would never even consider doing in their lifetime.

His inner mental wiring is so far off the beaten path that most of us just can’t comprehend it.

That’s why he does it because that’s the driving force behind it all.

For him it’s good that we don’t charge him for all the time he wasted playing games and knowingly being dishonest.

The monetary restitution alone would put him and his grandchildren in debt.

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