Why Do Narcissists Lie And Cheat?!

Remember his agenda, world view and his place in it is skewed but he had to remain in control of everyone else because he can’t control himself.

So between healthy people’s perceptions and The Narcissist’s perception there is a deficit, a gap that has to be filled.

He has no pure morals or positive intent.
His only agenda is to destabilise and desecrate whatever and whoever’s around him, destroy to be able to control the chaos basically so the world revolves around him.

To make up his deficit and appear to be sociable he puts on a very convincing fake sociable mask to hide his intent which is to control everything.

Deception and lying are his strategy to stay in circulation and focussed to control people around him and destabilise them making these Victims question themselves when it’s The Narcissist who should be questioning himself but because of his insecurities he can’t.

Lying, cheating and sneaky behaviour allows him to get what he wants from people because he is needy but he can’t access the divine light himself while staying in circulation until it catches up with him and people realise the true essence of The Narcissist which is the opposite of freedom.

It’s Hitlerian control, abuse and damage.
True honest people can access the light energy they need to get them through this life.

Being demonic and dark makes The Narcissist unable to access this resource directly.

A Narcissist is dark so he doesn’t have this, he gets it by the only way he knows how.

Lying, cheating and sneaky behaviour IS his interface between his darkness, ignorance and the only source of light he can gain access to which is through other people and their true connection to the light.

A Narcissist is actually quite immature, insecure and he has a poor self esteem.

He is stuck at a time in childhood when he was ignored, yet at times given an overabundance of inconsistent praise.

Often the parent of A Narcissism is A Narcissist himself and gave him inconsistent attention.

One moment favouring that child above other siblings, telling him how special he is and how he is the favourite then the next moment ignoring the child’s needs so he feels completely abandoned.

The Narcissist therefore learns to put up emotional walls early on in life, learning quickly that even his closest allies can’t be trusted.

This wall causes him to become a lone wolf and never allowing anyone completely inside his emotional world due to total lack of human trust.

He winds up with an overinflated view of himself along with a deeply sad insecure side that he keeps well hidden.

Part of him believes that he is indeed more special than those around him, attributed early on by excessive and lavish parental doting.

However there always remains that side which isn’t very sure of himself because that parent also abandoned him and ignored him when he was in need.

His overinflated ego allows him to truly believe that he is better than others so it makes sense to him that he can also get away with anything he wants without being caught.

Also because at least one parent was likely also Narcissistic he learnt the tools of basic ego manipulation early on in life.

He continues using these tactics of manipulation to get what he wants as he goes through life, never trusting that anyone would actually go out of his way for him just because he needs help.

That type of behaviour was never exhibited by his parents in his youth.

He’s either got excessive lavish attention or absolutely nothing at all, all dependent on his Narcissistic Parent’s feelings at the moment.

His basic needs were very poorly met which caused a paradox for him in congruence with his parent’s occasional inflated praise for him.

He feels he needs to mainpulate in order for things to go his way.

He doesn’t trust anyone and likely never will.
He himself will rarely ever believe there is anything different about him other than he is super smart or super handsome but not at the same time.

Cheating comes quite naturally to A Narcissist as the initial stages of falling in love very excitingly stroke his fragile ego.

After all his true manipulation tactics caught another Victim and this just proves to him how smart he is.

He feels he needs to do this in order to get the praise and admiration he is seeking.

He loves being fawned over by the person whose interest he has captured.

Little does that person know that there is another side of him which will always be split off and never trust anyone and therefore certainly never put all his eggs in one basket.

Longer term relationships lose its charm for The Narcissist as the mundane chores of life kick in and he is no longer as fawned over.

He goes seeking more ego strokes as no partner can ever keep up with his needs nor can any partner forever see him as perfectly as his doting parent once did.

He is suspicious of true agape love which is someone wanting to help him out of pure kindness rather than for selfish reasons.

Deep inside he doesn’t see this pure giving love as even possible.

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