Why Do Narcissists Loathe Goodness In Others?

The Narcissist may appear to have contempt and loathing for others who are kind and generous but there is more going on mentally.

Often he will inadvertently admit to actually be seething with envy.

Also you will note that he has contempt for others who are empathetic or kind because he perceives them to be weak or just stupid.

So why would a person think someone else is weak for being empathetic, generous or kind?

One of the manipulative tools of The Narcissist is to play the soft heart of an empathetic person and then emphasise that he is in control and superior.

The Narcissist will then contemptuously abandon, discard or dump the empathetic person in the most cruelest of manners.

Additionally when The Narcissist see others who give without some exploitative gain in mind, he will again support a high self image of being the superior one because why be generous, empathetic or kind when you could be so much more intelligent than others and manipulate something in return?

Many Narcissists will themselves be generous but there is always an exploitative gain in mind.

Ultimately A Narcissist seethes with pure malevolent envy because he knows that other people place a high value on generous, empathetic and kind people.

A Narcissist believes that all other people should be bowing to him because he is more valuable, more entitled and more worthy.

Remember Narcissists are social animals.
They need attachment to others to survive.

A Narcissist knows very intimately that he needs other people to abuse, use, consume and exploit.

He knows that without others to compare his own omnipresence to, he won’t have the mirror to see his own reflection of grandiosity and power.

A Narcissist hates needing others because as you know in your soul that he is really the weakest one of all.

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