Why Do Narcissists Seems So Genuine?

It is easy to paint The Narcissist as A Monster.

A Monster who deliberately conned you.
A Monster who knows who he is and is desperate to hide it from the world.
A Monster who takes and justifies his selfishness.
A Monster who lies, cheats and then denies it all,
A Monster who tricks you through Gaslighting and Mind Tricks.

For us this is what we experience ,, A Monster.

To the Narcissist this is Genuinely who he is.

He didn’t con you.
He loved you.
You are the one who is too sensitive and insecure to see it.
All you do is point out his flaws and focus on the negatives.

He was there for you but like everyone else, YOU abandoned him.
He was there loving you and you were so Ungrateful.
He didn’t lie or cheat on you, it is all in your head.

Your insecurities made you invent ways to vilify him.
Or maybe he did sleep with that one girl but technically you had broken up with him an hour before that.

For The Narcissist this is what he experiences.
You turned out to be as bad as everyone else.
You are the Real Monster not Him.
And so there is no reconciliation.

There will be no Self Awareness or an apology.
He will move on as if you never existed.

You are the crappy product he purchased and tried to take care of but you fell apart and turned out to be a lower quality than what he expected.

As usual another person let him down.
He Has No Idea that he may be at Fault.
But rarely he might have an inkling that he may be at Fault.

To get away from this he will screw a random person off a dating app to make himself feel better.

No, it was definitely my your fault for the bad storm that happened.
It can’t be him!

And so his little bit of Awareness is placated and shoved back into that cesspool of disgust and self loathing deep in the inner recesses of his being.

That is how Narcissists usually get to us.
Narcissists are the biggest Con Artists.

He asks questions and we think it is because he cares when actually it is all part of the Manipulative Game he is about to play.

He finds out our weaknesses and strengths to use it against us.

He acts as if he is giving you everything you have ever wanted in a person to get you hooked.

He will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants.
He is not genuine no matter how good he sounds.
There is always something behind what he is doing.
And it is never with good intention.
He just plays with your emotions because to him everything is a big game.

So when he is acting nice or sounding genuine be prepared because something is coming with it.

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