Why Do Narcissists Turn Ugly And Cruel So Quickly?

The cause of this is because A Narcissist has persistent brewing rage, self esteem issues, grudges and an easily slighted ego.

Often when you see A Narcissist has a rapid mood swing over something minor it’s because you offended him accidentally with something you did or said and it has caused Narcissistic Injury.

The cruel ugly behaviour and personality you see is the underlying rage that fuels A Narcissist, this in essence is who he really is.

He often masks his personality to get along with people and use them for whatever he has in mind but this will crack if he is offended by something that triggers an Original wound to The Narcissist.

A Narcissistic Injury is caused by a reminder of the original abuse, bullying and insults that made The Narcissist go down this path when he was young.

Sometimes partners or people in general accidentally remind The Narcissist of these Narcissistic Wounds that he endured.

His defences then goes into full blown attack and you get to witness the rage he holds inside over these persistent ego attacks that sustained long ago but never truly been dealt with or healed.

Similar to Sociopathic Triggers and Abandonment Triggers in Borderlines, A Narcissist is set off by rejection, perceived acts of dominance, attempts of bullying or perceived arrogance towards him most of the time because these are all the things that he himself endured and has held grudges over.

This is why you see the rapid mood swings it’s because you threatened him at his very core and his true hostility and rage from his childhood is projected on you.

This is why some insults or reactions from you have caused massive over the top rages but other times he had no reaction to other types of insults or behaviours from others because specific behaviours attack him at his core and serves as a constant reminder of what he had endured long ago.

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