Why Do Narcissists Want To Destroy Your Soul When You Have Been Nothing But Loyal And Caring?!

Let me enlighten you on a few things that you may not know about Narcissists.

In their mind being kind, loyal, caring and trusting are things they see as a WEAKNESS in you.

What Narcissists see in you is a good mule to pull their plow while being a compliant animal.

What happens to the mule when he can’t pull th plow anymore?

They get discarded and are sent to the glue factory no matter how loyal and hard working they were.

Narcissists see value in you at the beginning because in their mind you are their perfect mate and at that time they truly believe that but since there are no perfect mates their delusion fools them once again.

Narcissists being Narcissists think they are Gods and will work on fixing you to become that flawless person they met at the beginning which is impossible so now Narcissists believes they have been deceived by you for not revealing your flaws at the beginning.

At that point you are now being moved into the devalue department where your non loving partner goes into hyper mode to find fault in everything you do and you are now being taken on the most hellish ride of your life where all the insults, manipulations, gaslighting and you know the rest.

Your mind is spinning 24/7 about what’s going on and all you want to do is fix it on your part in which is never good enough even though you constantly try and try again.

By the way, all the work you have done trying to become better doesn’t appease Narcissists to see how much better you have become, it just reinforces that they can control your every emotion by watching you jump through their hoops.

The more you try to appease them the less they value you because they hate weak people and you have become a submissive puppy that will do anything no matter what to appease them.

Now that Narcissist knows what buttons to push to get you to do anything then they get bored pushing the button and watching you do the same dance.

Now you are so not what you were when the love bombing began and it’s your fault that you deceived the Narcissist, so they starts the process of discard.

You are no longer of any value to the Narcissist, so contempt sets in and that is when they unleash their artillery on you with the purpose of totally destroying everything about you down to ripping out your soul and spitting on it.

I loved a Covert Narcissist and he truly enjoyed hurting me at any chance he can and would love to see me in as much pain as possible because it feeds his shattered ego plus it gives him an opportunity to reinforce his victim role to his flying monkeys.

Kind souls and Empaths are low hanging fruit for Narcissists because they have what Narcissists don’t and never will so they are the chosen ones until the Narcissist realises that their qualities are not qualities but weaknesses so they are treated like slaves.

The very thing that got you ensnared by a Narcissist is the same thing that gets you discarded.

The problem with normal emotional people is they do not believe such evil people exist, especially not with a partner.

The idea of evil is contrary to everything they believe in relationships, that of nurturing, mutual and loyal version.

Once the victim see that they are dealing with a Narcissists, Covert or Overt, the only safe and sane thing to do is detach as soon as possible and permanently.

To continue loving a Narcissist is deliberately wasting your life, a slow painful and soul crushing suicide..

Narcissists destroy their loved ones because it is all they KNOW, and all they can do.

Their arrogance and entitlement knows no limits, their world really only consists of THEIR needs.

We are just supplies in their melodrama of deceit and destruction.

NO amount of love is enough.

If they are a Malignant Narcissists, they will secretly applaud their ‘work’ of watching your light fade showing them how ‘powerful’ they are.

Give your love and compassion to YOURSELF and get away as soon as you can!!!

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