Why Does A Narcissist Betray You In A Way That He Knows You Would Never Take Him Back?!

First, loving a Narcissist is one sided.

He bonds with whatever he can find of use.

Everything he does requires agency with no empathy or remorse.

If you were the chosen victim, he will keep you around for image management.

You make him look good.

All those insulting comments stated jokingly were deliberate.

Every lie was purposeful.

So if you have sacrificed your life and provided unconditional love, if you blame yourself for his actions, it’s a bonus for him to stay in power.

So getting to the discard of all discards, he has hated you all along.

There is planning involved and it requires a new victim.

It could be a close relative, neighbour or someone that picked them up at a bar.

Once secured it’s over.

This time however it’s time to break you with sadistic statements so YOU don’t move on.

That’s the game.

So take the time to heal and never ever have contact.

You have that power.

Use it.

Don’t forget that Narcissists have a very low level of consciousness and often very low level of intelligence; they simply don’t understand and perceive reality as it is so they simply rationalise everything to make it your fault because you are such a weak person and you believe in these love fairy tales, feelings and emotions.

Narcissists are very strong because they don’t believe in that, it is a sign of weakness.

It is a choice and a decision made long ago.

Hence, when they betray you, somehow, is not a big deal, because they don’t care about the person they betrayed you with, and so you should put up with it when they return to you, which is such a huge blessing for you and a favour given, since you are so flawed and stupid and they are so perfect, omnipotent and capable of manipulating you anytime and have you when and how they want, like a puppet on strings.

So, basically, their delusional mind plays tricks on them, they believe strongly in their own lies and rationalisations.

They have very low emotional intelligence, they act like clowns and also not much of an IQ as they constantly underestimate the power, mind and strengths of their victims.

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