Why Does A Narcissist Run Away Eventually?!

He run away once he has slaughtered you emotionally.

He leaves you bleeding to death once he has sucked and taken everything from you.

Your dignity, your hope, your love, your memories and your future if he can.

Anything you have had is gone because you believed in him.

He is onto his next target now since you are completely drained and if he fails at seducing, he will come back to you not to love you but to haunt you and destroy you.

He is hollow, shallow and devoid of true substance.

He puffs himself up because beneath it all his fragile ego would crumble to dust if the light of truth ever penetrated his darkness.

His life is like an abandoned room filled with cobwebs, dust and spiders.

The windows of his soul are shattered with jagged edges.

Life has seeped out of the gaping hole window of his existence.

Any sign of human warmth, empathy or emotion has been replaced, leaving behind a wretched twisted creature, doomed to live out his experience as a parasitic leech unable to exist as a healthy fully functional being.

He sucks the life blood out of those who are fortunate to feel, think, laugh and cry.

In essence he has sold his soul to the devil and is nothing more than a vampire.

If you shine light on him, turn a mirror of truth towards him or calmly enquire as to his bizarre behaviour it may be enough to send him slithering away to seek out a new prey.

It’s been nearly 2 years for me.
Each day is a clean fresh breath of air ever since that demonic beast slunk away.

My wish for anyone out there currently trapped by one of these ghouls is that you find the key to exterminate them from the interior of your soul.

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