Why Does The Narcissist Always Seem To Win?!

Because he will go to extreme levels, he will lie, cheat and feel entitled to alter the facts or railroad and destroy others to gain victory.

Relationships exist to serve his needs and reflect his superior talent or status and he is driven for success at all costs.

He actually believes that he is destined for greatness and should be treated like royalty.

He expects to be served and to receive special favours without reciprocating.

Others exist to help him achieve his goals.
With inflated ego he lives in a world where his needs are primary.

Unhealthy Narcissism creates an inflated sense of merit unmatched by actual skills that can be a self fulfilling prophecy.

This is called the competency trap where those who judge themselves to be better at something than they are can be promoted or achieve victory by default.

His competitive nature often helps him to excel and his outrageous expectations is often met by those fooled by his grandiose claims to be the best at what he does and entitled to special treatment and higher pay as if he is superior to others.

Instead of waiting in a queue, A Narcissist will barge ahead first and be offended and outraged if reproached.

His big dreams can come true if he is backed by actual talent or merit.

It’s an illusion.
The mere fact that you know that he is A Narcissist means that he didn’t win at everything.

You actually have the upper hand now because all he does is repeat the same cycle over and over again.

You have actually won this battle which by the way is one of the most important battles to win.

This will make more sense the further you get along in your healing journey.

You will come to realise that the things you think you need to fight for isn’t what you need.

The Narcissist stirs this up and makes you think you need to do this but you don’t.

I thought I had to fight to clear up my name when The Narcissist went on the smear campaign.

I wish I would have saved my energy then.

He doesn’t win, it’s a mere illusion.
He wants you to feel scared, helpless, defeated, confused, alone and crazy.

He wants you to feel he is untouchable and that he has a great life.

If you keep your focus on The Narcissist in this way then you are keeping yourself in a negative vibration.

You will be basing things from this low emotional state, you won’t think clearly and things won’t go in your favour that often.

This is exactly where The Narcissist wants you to be.

Shake this thought off and wake up from this mind game.

You have to do things that get you in a positive state of mind so that you can think more clearly.

This will take time but it can happen.
You have to realise that he lies, manipulates, charms and fools others and this is something you will not be able to avoid.

You won’t be able to defeat him at every battle so pick those that matter to you and plan your strategy accordingly.

You basically have to be creative in your thinking.

Narcissists are not creative.
They will only use their same old bag of tricks of lying and projecting so use this to your advantage.

You have to think ahead and outsmart him if you know he is trying to be slick about something.

He often tell on himself too so you have to pay attention to the clues.

Everything negative he says about you is what he is thinking about himself or what he is doing or planning to do.

The goal of A Narcissist is to break you down by all means and he will try everything and anything.

As far as the lies and the smear campaigns went and it was very hurtful but I can honestly say that I appreciate it now.

Whoever sided with this beast is not who I wanted in my circle.

It revealed a lot about the core of those people.

Anyone who sides with a toxic person must also have some issues so I’m happy that this was revealed to me.

It will make your circle cleaner and you will only be surrounded by the people who loves and supports you.

To me this is winning.
You won when you walked away with your sanity because everything else will improve in time.

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