Why Does The Narcissist Avoid You After Discarding You?!

When he realises that you are stronger in heart and mind than he is he will begin to devalue you in order to try and break you.

This is so he can feel the comfort of being empowered and in control.

When he discards you, take it as a compliment in the sense that this disordered man has come to the conclusion that you are far stronger than him.

And while you have become weak and needy at times you are far stronger than he is within.

This is a fear for him and he will become embittered over so intensely that his only recourse is not to change but rid himself of the person that reminds him of what he truly is.

This reminder is so ugly for him that he will immediately need to find someone who will embrace his victimhood and replenish his needs that you have taken away.

He can’t change, he can’t be accountable and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

You are a terrible reminder that someone out there knows the truth about him and therefore he will smear you before you even come to the realisation that he is gone!

He will have someone right away that thinks of you as the villian towards this poor amazing and charming man.

He is a coward who can’t stand the fact that you have challenged his Fake Life and he has no answers anymore.

He hates the fact that you haven’t crumbled and he can’t resonate with you anymore.

Cowardly, insecure and emotionally stunted he can’t handle your truths that you are a lot more intelligent and progressed emotionally.

Also Narcissists must be in control at all costs.

He would never want you to think that communication can be initiated by you on your terms.

He loves frustrating his victims because he loves to see the effect he can have on them.

It shows him his power and superiority over you and he will intentionally refuse to do things when you want it or the way you want it.

It is a game he enjoys playing with his victims especially after he devalues them.

The bottom line is you have long been devalued before you were discarded.

He sees little value in maintaining communication with you and therefore ignores you until you become of value again.

It may also be that he is afraid of you because you have figured out who he is.

Now is the time for you to learn that you have been given an opportunity to heal your own inner wounds and never allow toxic people to take yourself love and care again.

I know that it is devastating but one day you will be so thankful to have grown and come to such a greater understanding of people in general.

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