Why Does The Narcissist Play The Victim’s Role?!

The Narcissist defies hypocrisy and always claims to be The Victim.

He is highly familiar with the role.
Pretending to be The Victim is the basic dynamic The Narcissist established as he seeks to secure supplies and supporters.

As anyone who has been taken in by this sort of deception will attest that many Narcissists at first appears quite convincing as Victims.

He knows all the buzzwords and innuendos to convincingly act that role.

Of course it all falls apart once the initial high wears off and the you start feeling that something is not quite right.

Things start to break down once you observe what The Narcissist actually does as opposed to what he says.

Things further disintegrate when The Narcissist is confronted with the discrepancy and he responds by attacking you The Accuser.

It soon becomes clear that The Victimhood claim is a scam and this fake Victim actually seems to be a potentially troubled and even an Abusive person.

By alternating the use of love bombing and promises of a perfect future with aggressive attacks on your morality, The Narcissist can overwhelm, distract or redirect you and keep you from acting on your concerns.

But soon enough The Narcissist will get caught in another lie or he will get bored of The Current Victim.

The Narcissist will then use the supply obtained through devaluing his target to help energise the search for a replacement.

This is The Narcissist’s path.
There is no stopping The Narcissist.

He ultimately destroys every relationship.
Defining himself as The Victim is the first move of the of the lies he presents to everybody in all of his relationships.

A Narcissist rarely changes his toxic game.
He is probably unable to do so.

He predates and constantly prowl and hunt.
While few substantive changes are made for the positive, he does grow on a superficial level.

In particular he develops better and more sophisticated ways to hide and conceal his activities and his true self.

Technology has aided The Narcissist tremendously.

Social media, chat forums and dating sites have made finding a supply so easy.

The internet presents an inexhaustible source of supply.

Replacing lost supply is now far easier.
Since gaining a supply is now so easy The Narcissist tends to become more arrogant and harder to deal with.

Obtaining outside validation is so easy and outsiders easily buy into his own lies about how special he is.

He values others less and less and little stops The Narcissist from acting out.

A Narcissist who takes advantage of the online applications soon have no patience for those who fail to cooperate with him or fail to idolise him.

Heavens help those who have the temerity to ever criticise A Narcissist’s predatory practices, dishonesty or lack of respect for others.

When The Narcissist becomes a glutton he gets so amped on supply that he believes he is the bomb.

He believes the lies he creates and insists to be treated as being special and powerful and desired by all.

Of course that is a self delusion.
In fact when over stimulated by the supply he is at his worst behaviour.

He becomes arrogant and dismissive of any rules or agreements.

He acts solely to feed his perceived needs and see no reason to care about anyone other than himself.

He becomes contemptuous of others who act to deter or criticise him from enjoying the fruits of his destiny as a special person of whom all are jealous.

His detractors are just jealous and each of them can be easily discarded and replaced.

This over supplied Narcissist acts out like a spoiled child and he becomes more aggressively abusive in his abuse and drives to control those around him.

He feels no pressure to accept accountability for his lies, harms or The Victims he creates because of course he is somehow The Real Victim.

Technology makes it much easier for The Narcissist to find ways to feed his worst qualities and to ignore what’s real.

As a result more and more people and particularly Narcissists lose and destroy themselves as they become dependent upon constant stimulation and supply and buy into the fake reality of the internet applications.

The Fake Victim recruits new targets constantly.
When you are with A Narcissist and he constantly checks and sends messages from his phone you then have to know that this is exactly what he’s doing.

Feeding his addiction.
Social media provides tools and means to make supply recruitment far easier.
So easy to keep it all a secret.
A Target is screened through chat.

Candidates are those who show themselves likely to react with sympathy to The Victim’s story and indicate a desire to be The Saviour.

These people can be easily manipulated.
The Narcissist plays on social media and dating applications constantly and he became excellent in obtaining Targets while presenting an image of a good person seeking another good person to rescue him and be fully loved by him.

The Narcissist is affected but The Supply is abundant and The Narcissist feels special.

He begins to devalue and drive away the real people around him.

He neither understands nor cares why his friends are so irritated by his constant and slavish devotion to his cell phone.

As always The Narcissist is dismissive of criticism and of those who dare to criticise him.

When A Supply is so plentiful, The Narcissist acts even worse.

He obtains more supplies, causes all sorts of drama and has less respect than ever for boundaries.

All this feeds the ugliest parts of his personality and even as his few real friends finally leave, he has never felt better about himself.

One thing about The Narcissist is that no matter how sweet a situation is, he will always screw it up and it’s never his fault.

Not only does he always find a way to make things never ends well but he blames it all on you.

The Victim’s Role is very useful for The Narcissist. because A Victim causes people to lower their guards.

A Victim is universally considered as non threatening.

The fake vulnerability and innocence he has learnt to project provides an easy cover for him.

By cloaking himself as The Victim and appearing vulnerable and naive he can easily manipulate his Target into feeling emotionally invested in him from the inception.

Over the longer term the role will also fit to support The Narcissist’s concurrent activities such as The Smear Campaigns and Blame Deflection.

Smear Campaigns are conspicuously passive aggressive and have the potential to make the person smearing another appear very ugly.

But transform the smearer into A Victim and instead of appearing ugly and petty The Smear Campaign will be met by acceptance.

The Narcissist uses The Victim’s Role similarly to how The Witch uses the gingerbread house she created deep in the forest and coated it with candies and frosting.

You know the fairytale Hansel and Gretel?
The house appears so tempting and delicious that it attracts the children.

Once they eat some candy, it is easy for The Witch to get them into her oven to be baked.

The Narcissist is A Master Manipulator.
He makes himself appear friendly and innocent while he also distracts and mesmerises his Victims with heavy flirting, physical contact and promises of long term happiness.

Of course it’s all a fraud to make it easy for him to take what he wants and use his Target until he becomes bored or The Target gets wiser.

Now a very common and realistic scenario.
A Narcissist decides that he wishes to cheat on his partner which is a trait shared by many members of all genders is a desire to be seen as A Rescuer to those in need ,, A Saviour.

The Victim looks up to The Saviour making The Saviour feel important and beautiful.

Every potential Saviour needs A Victim to save.
A person who saves someone feels needed and is appreciated.

By making someone A Saviour The Narcissist has created a perfect state of vulnerability for the love bombing so he creates an illusion of Victimhood.

A Victim needing rescue but helpless to do that on his own.

The Fake Victim paints a picture for The Saviour.
The picture describes The Narcissist’s sweet and trusting nature.

The Narcissist is a naive and a defenceless man with a personality founded upon innocence and goodness.

His partner is a dangerous predator who tricked him into falling in love.

According to The Narcissist, his partner controls and abuses him.

His partner has made him fully dependent and has isolated him from his friends or convinced his friends that he is crazy and unstable.

The sweet Fake Victim has nowhere to turn for help and is trapped in a horrible relationship by an abusive, controlling partner who constantly lies to him.

It’s not tough to guess who he must be using as the role model for The Victimising Partner.

The Narcissist is so blessed to have found you because he can just tell that you are his real soulmate and you can be his Saviour and rescue him from the horrible abuse.

It’s so easy to get your hooks into someone when you are A Victim and each time it’s repeated and is successful The Narcissist believes the lie much more.

Of course once he has hooked you up a few times, the fantasy becomes a bit boring and soon his mask slips.

The Saviour no longer really fully buys The Narcissist’s lies of being a sweet and innocent Victor or really much of A Victim at all.

Perhaps this causes The Saviour to retreat a bit emotionally.

Perhaps The Saviour wants to talk and this will destroy the fantasy.

Now things are just becoming less fun and that damned reality is forcing its way in and interfering with the fantasy.

So it’s time to end the relationship.
At the end The Narcissist will coldly strip you of your Saviour’s status and you are now made to understand that you are not A Saviour at all.

Instead you are just another manipulative control freak or another person who simply wants to victimise The Narcissist.

A Fake Saviour who acted like you were good and as though you cared but it was just lies.

Only an evil person would take such advantage of this sweet Narcissist who confided in you and offered you his heart.

Only an evil person would manipulate and take advantage of someone who is so helpless.

This Fake Saviour tricked The Narcissist into thinking you were in love but really you clearly manipulated him into cheating.

As always The Narcissist believes his own lies even those made up on the spot and which completely contradict everything else he has said.

The Narcissist will attack with whatever he believes will cause you the most emotional pain.

Whatever good quality The Saviour was praised for earlier will now be taken away and turned into a weapon to degrade and shame.

The Narcissist will feel bad for a minute because he has lost his Supply but he wasn’t at fault.

And since The Narcissist is so charming and so much smarter than everyone else he will most likely get away with it.

As The Narcissist whips out his cell phone and returns the text, he arranges things so he can be be rescued by a new Saviour tomorrow.

How will he pull it off since he’s living with his real life partner.

In the evening he will just accuse his partner of cheating and lying to start a fight and storm out from their shared home claiming that he is being victimised.

Since his feelings are hurt now he must leave to hang out with a friend.

Being A Victim definitely has its advantages.

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