Why He Doesn’t Feel Any Kind Of Remorse?

Narcissists are not making an effort to hurt you.

That would imply that they have some type of investment in your emotional reality and they don’t.

In the instances where he hurts you and appear to enjoy it is probably because you have injured him in some way.

Once that happens then for the duration of your time with him he will always believe you deserve whatever pain you feel.

Once you break the perfection he sees reflected in your eyes you become disposable.

Your value to him was based on you seeing him as perfect and infallible.

Asking him to change even the smallest thing implies that you don’t see him as perfect and since being seen as perfect in the ways that matters to him is a matter of life and death, you have deeply wounded him.

In his eyes anything and everything he does is justified.

If it causes you pain, that’s just fine with him and sometimes even amuses him.

He feels no remorse because in his mind you started this.

Once that happens you become like a squeaky toy.

He will play with you and when he plays too hard and you squeak it will give him a giggle.

Since you are just a toy he can keep squeezing and just enjoy the fun noises.

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  • We cannot expect the Devil to feel any remorse 😔

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