Why I Don’t Care About Exposing Him Anymore!!

At this time it’s better not to waste your time reinventing the wheel and move on to a better life.

What’s unknown to you is that The Narcissist has been painting your picture to everyone way before the discard.

The Narcissist when in his smear mode is a deadly destructive weapon.

Playing the poor victim role and everyone will fall for his lies.

Weight the scale and magnitude of the smear campaign when you realise that the person you loved and would give your life for is actually your worst enemy.

It’s is quite traumatic.
Days, weeks, months and years of psychological abuse has led you to a mentally fragile state.

You are in a severe shock and still can’t understand what’s going on.

The outside world judges you quickly and no one will understand what you are going through unless they have had the experience.

Keep in mind that The Narcissist is a charmer so do you think they will believe you?!

You the nervous wreck who can’t stop crying or the cool calm collected lying slag with no evidence?

Sadly they will judge you and label you as crazy that you will be lucky to escape hospitalisation.

You can only expose him when you are able to function properly and understand what kind of evil you are dealing with.

Until that happens you are wasting your time because no one will believe you.

Take your time to heal or at least put yourself on the road to recovery and become a rational person who can talk calmly.

When you reach this phase you won’t need to expose him because the truth always comes out in the end no matter how long it takes.

Exposure isn’t important because Narcissists always expose themselves.

You and your wellbeing comes first.
You need to be tough and strong to get through this.

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  • This is amazing & so incredibly true. Thank him so much for writing this, you are helping so many of us survive & recover from this abuse ❤️

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