Why I Thought I Could Make Him A Better Man?

Like many people I used to believe that Love conquers everything.

And I still believe that True Love can be very transformative.

I used to believe in Love, Miracles and Fairytales.

I used to believe there is good in everyone.

It was very difficult for me to believe that someone would lie and say that he cares about me when he never did.

Why would anyone do that?
Why would anyone fraud me out of my entire life, my love and my soul?

This is just pure Evil.

I used to believe that everyone has empathy and a conscious.

I used to believe in forgiving those who wronged me.

I used to believe that people make mistakes but convince myself that it has to be unintentional.

I used to believe that Love will hold on and hope for the best.

These expectations were burnt to the ground when I fell in love with a Narcissist simply because,

Narcissists can’t feel or receive love in a healthy sense.
He feels something that looks like love to him but it is not the Love we know.

Narcissists’ partners are hooked and addicted because the intensity of these feelings get misinterpreted as Love.

• The expectation of magic change to him to the m faithful partner will be evidenced from day one.

Narcissists are able to create illusions more convincing than any reality.

They mirror our dreams and make us feel as if we are living in a fairy tale where everything we wish for is possible.

They inspire a Toxic Love in our hearts so strong that we believe in it’s heavenly power.

It takes a powerful detox to wake us up from that dream after it turns to a nightmare.

Some of the Abuse is so subtle that we don’t know why we feel hurt.

Some of it is horrendous we won’t believe that he could possibly be doing it on purpose.

We will accept certain things without question and without even thinking about it.

When it comes to human behaviour, we are programmed to act a certain way in certain circumstances.
Or so we think.

When we Love someone automatically we have got their back and we expect the same from him.

A Narcissist will say the right words and smooth things over for his benefit to get our pathetic little problem out of his face.

His Love feels so Real and so True.

Narcissists will try different approaches or repeat the same approach over and over.

The cycle of pain and relief will become an addiction.

The fact that the Narcissist is intentionally causing us pain will never cross our mind.

When he say that he loves you, you will believe him.

Until he is caught cheating or until the pain becomes unbearable to stay.

Also a Narcissist appears to be like a normal loving person.

His mental disorder isn’t obvious and that’s why when we get involved with them we will have normal expectations like any normal relationship.

But the truth is we shouldn’t.

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