Why Is He Avoiding And Rejecting The Old Supply?!

A Narcissist lives in the moment unburdened by conscience for the most part.

He may not be actively avoiding an old supply, it’s just that you cease to exist to him as he is idealising a new target or consumed with himself.

He may avoid an old supply because the supply has become aware of what he is and knows too much.

A Narcissist is lazy when it comes to putting in an effort to gain a supply.

If coming back to an old supply means lots of effort in terms of explaining his poor behaviour or offering false apologies then he won’t bother with that unless he is desperate.

He doesn’t really believe that he did anything wrong or that he owes you an apology.

You have to realise that this man isn’t capable of providing an honest, respectful and meaningful attachment to anyone and not capable of love in the way you view love.

He lies nearly every time he speaks and you deserve an honest and respectful man who is capable of building a meaningful relationship with you.

There are Narcissists that don’t come sniffing around for years or even decades so just because he hasn’t that doesn’t mean he won’t.

Rejecting you gives him a substantial ego boost and it also makes him think that there is a decent chance of getting you back when he has used up all his other supply sources.

A Narcissist never truly let you go anyway but he will just temporarily drop you until he has got bored of or burnt out all the others.

The best thing to do while discarded is capitalise on the situation and get him out of your life.

He might be back to use you all over again when the time’s right.

If you go over the events leading up to the discard you will realise that the discard which isn’t a discard follows an increasing discovery of the humbuggery that is occurring and the subsequent questioning of The Narcissist.

You are his property and you have become annoying and are left to cool off for a period of time.

He wants you to stalk him like a love addicted crazy person.

Ignore his asses because he will start doing outlandish things to get your attention.

As soon as you feed into it he will either ignore you or be rude as hell to hurt your feelings.

Try to focus on yourself and your future.
Being discarded is a gift because now you are free of the toxicity and have a chance to rebuild in any way you would like.

Don’t worry about what some selfish, abusive and dishonest person is doing.

Trust me he isn’t doing better with someone else.

He isn’t happy and the new supply isn’t any better than you.

She just haven’t seen who he really is yet.

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