Why Is It Difficult To Expose A Narcissist?

Because he has a fake public personality and it’s always on when not in private which hides his true nature and intentions.

Because the majority of us can’t comprehend the lies, manipulation, deceit and betrayal performed by The Narcissist.

Because before you ever realised what was going on.

Before you realise that you weren’t crazy.
Before you knew what Narcissistic People are capable of.

He had already projected everything you witnessed him doing to you onto you and the smear campaign began long before you woke up to the horrible reality.

People tend to believe the first person they hear from.

You were too loyal to talk about what was going on but he wasn’t.

Because he now is mirroring you.
He has moved in on your life.
You have taken him in.
He started echoing your good behaviours and traits that others adore because he wants to be you.

Once he get it done he is ready for discard.
You start to see it way too late when you are absolutely sucked dry by the nasty Vampire.

He knows now how to get along with his new found tribe.

And now you are jealous and crazy because who would ever say that someone would do such a thing?

You are now ostracised.
How long did it take to get to this point?
He morphs himself through social circles mirroring what he is jeolous of until he gets it and destroys it in others.

Then he spread lies about that person he is mirroring because nobody outperforms him.

He is to be the centre of every gathering.
If he isn’t then he will hide so nobody can see his outrage.

But believe me whoever got the attention will be taken down.

Because he plays dirty and we don’t see it coming because who can truly see all this unless they are the Victims?

Unless you are the one having your life destroyed by him?

Most of us are way to loyal to be that aware.
And if you are the victim it is hard for anyone to truly believe what you are saying is true.

It is what movies are written about not real life.

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