Why Is It So Important For The Narcissist To Destroy His Victim?!

To leave no evidence of someone that has said Enough is Enough and actually challenged The Narcissist!

How dare you challenge The Narcissist?

He goes into Glass over mode as if he is summoning the Demons within which he probably is!

If you have ever watched A Narcissist Glass over then you will know what I mean.

You can actually see his face contort and his eyes blacken ,, it is quite frightening really but once you have some form of inner peace or strength it won’t affect you as much.

Steer clear as he will be like a herd of Stampeding Elephants.

Get out of the way and watch him unravel.
And Do Not Engage!

That is the best method for he will self combust!

He also has to make you look bad so the new source believes that he is the victim and you are the Evil Abuser.

He has to get back at you for letting him down by being human.

He needs someone who can give him everything and you became stale.

He needs you to hate him so you abandon him in order for him to feel the reward of winning you back.

He can’t win you back unless you leave and hate him first because it is a bigger accomplishment to win back someone after you ruin their lives.

Also because you confronted him and that confrontation did set his sense of reality under a questionmark.

Destroy the source of dissonance and the dissonance will become harmony again.

You made him question his reality.
And he is afraid that in this reality he will be revealed as the true devil.

He doesn’t want that reality.
He wants a reality where he is the innocent one.

So he chooses to keep and root for the evidence that confirms that ,, he destroys and discards the evidence that contradicts it.

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