It Is Better Left Without A Goodbye.

Things gone awry is never a happy sight.

But as much as we think that it might help putting it in a box and wrapping it up with a ribbon isn’t going to make the healing process go away.

Even if you do get a goodbye or if you yourself give one,

You will always be left with a million questions buzzing around in your head.

And the most important questions rarely have any answers.

Next time you think you want an explanation or an official wave of goodbye, just remember that you might actually be better off without one.

Because a goodbye won’t undo the pain and it is just too much.

Because he doesn’t deserve one and you are not about to give him what he wants.

Because he thinks a goodbye is another hello when It is not.

Because sometimes a goodbye is another hello and that is just dangerous.

Because sometimes the past is just better left in the past, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Because goodbye hurts too much and it wouldn’t help.

Because it is not over yet and this might not be the end.

Because there is just no point.
What good would it do?

Because you know it will just lead to more tears and you have shed enough of those already.

Because you are terrible at goodbyes.
You just can’t really do it.

Because you never really started anything so what is there to end?

Because he walked away without giving you one so why should you?

Because the memories were too good and there is no point in ruining it.

Because you have moved on and you don’t want to look back.

Because he can’t seem to get enough goodbyes and for him one isn’t enough.

Because a goodbye never quite cuts it.
It never really gets to the heart of things.

Because there isn’t really such a thing as closure and nothing will ever suffice.

Because sometimes the truth hurts to hear and you just rather not especially when you already know it within.

Because you have to heal on your own and a goodbye won’t do the work for you.

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