Why It Is So Hard To See Through The Games Of A Narcissist?!

It’s not a game as much as it is a survival method to him.

You don’t expect a normal person to react in the manner The Narcissist does so you become a confused.

He seemed to be the perfect fit, said the right words, did the right things and made you feel like you were the only one.

Then out of nowhere you start to realise the relationship is one-sided and you can never do anything right.

Not trying hard enough, not giving enough and not understanding so now you are off balance confused as he tells you that you are crazy.

By now you have been lied to, cheated on, triangulated and about ready to be ghosted but still you can’t realise how this can be or what you can do to fix it.

Now you become weak, confused and he has gained the overall power on your mind, your soul and your heart.

The Narcissist knows exactly where you are at, how you are feeling and can predict your next move.

Now you are basically insane, hurt and feeling powerless just the way he wants you and you know the rest of the story ,, the devaluation and the discard phases.

You are left brokenhearted with no answers, no closure and no idea what you have become but you are dead inside and it’s the worst feelings ever.

Now you are left with the hardest task which is to heal and try to become who you were before you fall in his trap.

A Narcissist gets better at being A Narcissist with every discard.

A Narcissist is always on the offence so with each discard he has even more ideas of what to say to his Victim to entrap her.

He is also much more careful in the methods he uses to manipulate because he has learnt from experience.

He knows what works well and what might expose his evil character.

He learns to make more excuses for his shortcomings upfront in ways that leaves The Victim more sympathetic and more obligated to meet his quirky needs.

Narcissists usually share the same evil characters but different likes and dislikes which makes each case slightly different.

He will value and devalue you whenever it suits him best for manipulating his Victim.

I believe he gets better at it with each victim because he gets darker and increasingly more dependent on others to create a great life for him.

Mind games will become based on more actions than words as it’s easier to escape blame and it’s more fun for him to watch.

When he uses words An Experienced Narcissist will abuse more by what is suggested rather than said outright.

But as time goes on he will also make more intense threats when he wants to be threatening.

In every which way he knows how he will get better at getting what he wants.

And just as it takes an increased dose of drugs to get a person high, it also takes an increased amount of positive or negative fuel to supply A Narcissist as he age.

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