Why Narcissists Become Defensive When We Try To Get Some Clarity? (2).

Whenever you decide to tell it as it is and call The Narcissist out on his behaviour, you attack his ego.

Once the ego is attacked The Narcissist can’t see reason.

He automatically and subconsciously go on the defensive mode to defend that ego.

He will either attack back or he will shut you out.

Telling or implying to anyone that he has a major personality disorder won’t go well.

We all have the same pattern on some level when it comes to Narcissistic Injuries.

Even if he wants to explain what is going on with him, he won’t be able to verbalise the reasons for his behaviour.

It takes a serious amount of introspection and brutal honesty to come to terms with who we are.

For A Narcissist this is very difficult if not impossible.

Also because there’s no clarity in his life whatsoever.

With Clarity comes Credibility.
Have you ever heard of A Credible Narcissist

The Narcissist distance himself from this clarity and that coping mechanism manifests into his everyday’s life.

He might give you an answer to satisfy you for a moment only to give you a different one right after.

His attention span is that of a toddler.
A Narcissist is emotionally stunted and he hates this about himself because it conflicts with his superiority complex.

He feels that he has to be defensive when you are trying to get something straight out of him.

This also coincides with the silent treatment.
A Narcissist can’t confront reality to even begin finding clarity.

He can’t commit to an answer because he fears he will be held accountable to it later.

As we all came to know ,, A Narcissist hates nothing more than accountability.

A Narcissist will distort, deny, gaslight and project so he can absolve himself of any personal accountability.

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