Why Narcissists Never Apologise!!

They don’t see the need because they do nothing wrong.

If faced with clear evidence that they did do something wrong their deeds will be explained away and justified but never apologised for.

The root of the issue is that Narcissists are an outlaw, they are rebellious bigots who see themselves as above the law.

They also take an adrenal enjoyment out of watching us squirm while they twist the narratives and turn the interrogation around on us.

They do all of this because they see themselves as outside the law, the law exists to goad and control others like cattle .

The Narcissist holds a deep and unmitigated silent prejudice toward others.

For this reason they take no shame in charming us, manipulating us and denying it, seducing us and breaking our hearts, leading us on and teasing us, abusing us and scapegoating us, gaslighting us and ruining our lives.

Righteous people don’t charm people because it is a form of dishonesty.

Narcissists In general are able to manipulate vast amount of people because they hate them.

They are bigots and they actually enjoy charming the people they hate into doing their bidding, believing they are friends or that they love them.

Narcissists have no problem hurting us and because they see us as worthless, they will only apologise to us to save face or confuse our ability to perceive The Evilness.

• Misogynists don’t apologise to women for using them.

• Misandrists have no problem ruining a man’s life.

Narcissists don’t see us worthy of an apology.
It’s not only that Narcissists believe they can do no wrong but that they can’t wrong us.

They are bigots against us.

• Humans don’t apologise to mice for dishonestly leading it into mouse traps with cheese.

• Humans don’t apologise for whipping dogs or getting naked in front of it.

• Humans don’t apologise to cattle for eating it.
• Humans don’t apologise to chickens for stealing its eggs.

• Humans don’t apologise to animals for much of anything.

Bigots whom we refer to as Narcissists don’t apologise to sub-humans for goading them, teasing them, hurting them or reaping their resources.

We are slaves to them and they can’t wrong us.
They are prejudiced against us for whatever reason and we will have to find out on our own.

Apologising means having the capacity to understand the concept of other person and of making mistakes.

Narcissists only have the concept of self and being perfect.

Aside from that, apologies are generally seen as admitting weakness and are shame provoking for Narcissists and hence to be avoided at all costs.

When other people apologise, Narcissists often think that these people are complete idiots for doing so.

An apology is a travesty.
No one in his right mind should ever have to say I’m sorry and if he does it’s fake.

As fake as The Narcissist.

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