Why Narcissists Seem To Be Immune To Karma?!

There you are, barely functioning and destroyed while the narcissist is living the good life ,, What the hell happened to Karma?

I have thought about this for over a year.

If there is a God, if there is such thing as Karma, then why is it that the victim of the Narcissist seem to be left in a deep pit of bad luck and despair while the Evil Narcissist is being rewarded for his horrific behaviour?

It goes against everything we have ever been taught about life, the do unto others theory, the belief that people who do bad things have to deal with “Karma” and will pay a price, that if we lead a good honest life we will be rewarded, it all seems to be lies!!

The Narcissist just goes from victim to victim without ever being punished and in fact he seems to be rewarded!!
Why? How is that fair?

To top it all off the victim seems to just get more shit dumped on them.

It’s hard to believe you were not to blame when it seems you are being punished in some way.

Maybe the Narcissist was right, maybe you ARE a bad person, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have to deal with all this crap.

I have been studying the Law Of Attraction lately because I want answers, and this is what I have deciphered.

It seems unfair that the Narcissist, a truly evil person would attract all these good things to himself.

Until you look at it from a logical and rational perspective.

Law of Attraction works from a vibrational level, they say that in order to attract good things into your life you have to vibrate above the 500 level.

Feelings that give off high vibrations are; Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude, all feelings we USED to feel and Narcissists are attracted to people who exude those feelings because people who vibrate at a higher level tend to be more forgiving, to see the good in others and love more deeply.

Feelings that give off low vibrations are; Shame, Guilt, Fear and Anger, the victim is left with these feelings after months, years, sometimes decades of abuse and being told they are to blame, society blaming them and they are blaming themselves.

We are the lowest of the low by the time the Narcissist is done with us.

By a show of hands, how many victims felt totally drained, like they weren’t themselves, almost a shell of the person they once were?

And the Narcissist basically took over their life.

Can you see where I am going with this?

It is easy to see why the victim is receiving shit because they are vibrating at the lowest with feelings of shame, guilt, fear and anger.

But how does someone as evil and conniving as a Narcissist manage to vibrate at the highest level emotions when they don’t even really feel love, joy or gratitude!

We are once again viewing this from our perspective, the way it should be, think about how the mind of a Narcissist works

I know that SY the Narcissist I once lovedstudied mind control, the power of the mind, meta physics of the mind, and he used to tell me that I brought on the bad things that happened with my negative thinking.

I had never been accused of being a negative person but I have to admit I became that way after what I have been through.

How does one not become negative when every time you have something special planned something happens to ruin it.

You become negative out of self preservation! if you expect the worst you can’t be disappointed.

SY used to tell me all the time if you had no expectations you wouldn’t be disappointed.

So I started expecting the worst and I was never disappointed.

So when he opened all gates of hell on me, I was shocked when things didn’t fall into place like they always had.

What I failed to realise was that he had come back with the sole intention of destroying me and my ability to manifest good things in my life.

He pulled me back and dropped me but when he saw me succeeding he hated it!

A Narcissist feels that if he leaves you with anything at all he has failed or is losing something because his purpose was to take everything you had of value and that includes your self esteem.

Once the Narcissist manages to sabotage your self esteem and install self doubt, you end up on the never ending cycle of negativity that leads to more negativity.
See how that happens?

So that explains the victim but what about the Narcissist who is full of toxic emotions, how can he reap so many good things in his life?

The key is, just like the victim is a good person who has been taught to feel insecure and unworthy, the Narcissist does not believe he is bad, he feels justified in the things he does, he does not fear anyone, nor is he ashamed, or feeling guilty and even his anger he blames on someone else.

The law of attraction doesn’t know if what it is attracted to is a lie or not, it responds to the vibrational level of the person.

If that person is sick and has a distorted view of their value whether that distortion is good or bad, they will attract the vibration they send out to the world.
Get it?

The Narcissist genuinely feels he deserves the best of everything, he does not doubt whether he should be given something, if he wants it he takes it whether it is given to him or not.

If he loses it, he knows he will replace it, or he will manipulate someone into replacing it because he deserves it.

The Narcissist is incapable of feeling guilt, shame or fear.

The worst thing like I said is he blames others for that and feels justified.

But what about the high levelled emotions like Love, peace, joy and gratitude?

Isn’t the Narcissist incapable of feeling love and joy?

And he certainly never seemed grateful or at peace.

Once again if you think about it logically the Narcissist thinks he is feeling love.

The Narcissist’s brain is wired differently than a normal person so when he meets a new victim his brain releases the same chemicals our brains do when we meet someone who we think we could love, only he is excited because he sees a source of things he wants.

He acts much like a person in love but what he is drawn to is the prospect of being able to suck in another prey and bleed them dry.

It is intoxicating to the Narcissist much like love is intoxicating to a normal person.

Just like when we are falling in love we project our best selves so does the Narcissist but his goal is to bleed us dry and ours is to prove we are worthy of his love.

Once he has us hooked the thrill starts to wear off, he pulls away, we try harder, he needs new supply because we are no longer a challenge, we try harder, we become more committed to the relationship and that signals to him that he has us and so we no longer provide the ego boost he needs and he must find a new source plus he is depleting our physical and material worth all along.

When he meets a new source of supply once again those chemicals are released into his brain and he acts like he is in love but in actual fact he is energised by the thrill of the kill.

He goes off sending off high vibrations and leaves us depleted and sending off low vibrations.

The Narcissist is such an anomaly that even the law of attraction is fooled by him.

The Narcissist is a freak, handicapped, incomplete, a screw up of nature, but has learned to adapt in the world and that is why it is so hard to make sense of what he does.

He will never make sense and the rules of the world don’t apply to him or so it seems, unless you look deeper than the obvious.

That is why he can literally get away with murder, he defies all the laws of nature and “how things are supposed to work” .

Some victims are happy to discover what they were dealing with and content with blaming the Narcissist and going on with life filled with anger, hurt and resentment for the rest of their lives and wondering why.

But for the victims who want to truly heal, find inner peace and joy, vibrate at a higher level and attract good things into their lives, it is better to understand this theory and start working on achieving it.

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