Why Narcissists Treat Victims Like Enemies?!

This is one of the most painful things to process.
Narcissists choose to see you as an enemy because it gives them license to treat you as an enemy.

You can’t mistreat good people but you can mistreat enemies.

You don’t respect an enemy.
You aren’t nice to an enemy.
You shame an enemy.
You destroy an enemy.
You abhor an enemy.
You smear an enemy’s name.
You dominate and control an enemy.
You turn the world against an enemy.

Keep one thing in mind when dealing with A Narcissist, that in any capacity he will always make decisions about you no matter who or what you really are.

He will decide what he needs you to be and then treat you according to that decision.

You are now in the Endgame.

Everything you went through.
Everything you have enjoyed.
Every moment of love bombing, every argument and every single day with The Narcissist was to carry you and take you to this point.

This where The Narcissist asserts his real power.
He rejects you, controls you through others and abuse you.

There isn’t anything you could have done better, There’s nothing you could have done to change him or the way he treated you.

He can’t recognise or accept love.
He projects his own feelings.
He can’t really trust anybody.
He is always waiting for the next betrayal or the next attack.

He is convinced that you will let him down at some point.

The Narcissist can never believe that you really love him.

In the back of his mind, probably outside of his awareness, he wonders what you are really up to.

You can’t possibly love him.
You don’t really even know him.
Maybe you are just trying to play with his head.

Either that or he wonders what is wrong with you that you could actually love him.

In anyway he looks at it, there will be a cloud of doom forming regardless of how much you actually love him.

Narcissists devalue people.
They don’t realise that their expectations are impossible to meet.

They blame you for not meeting the impossible expectations.

And then they rage, attack, abuse, provoke, punish and harass.

Now you try to defend yourself and they imagine that you are attacking them when all they were doing was trying to defend themselves from your horrible betrayal.

It eventually spirals after that.
You are a horrible disappointment, a traitor and a liar and they “knew” it all along.

The good news is that this is a place of power to you too.

You abandon The Narcissist, you ignore the lies and you let everyone walk away because this is all going to happen anyway.

If you spend enough time away, people will eventually see the truth.

The flying monkeys will fly on and The Narcissist will get bored.

Then you will have the beginning of a new life that belongs to you.

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