Why Narcissists View Many Typical Life Interactions As Threats?!

With A Malignant Narcissists in particular there’s an increased risk of aggression, harmful deception and paranoia.

This doesn’t bode well for them in everyday interactions as they are extremely quick to getting angry and always suspicious.

The Narcissist I loved was quick to accuse almost anyone of having a hidden agenda.

Many of The Narcissists people are involved with are actually Malignant.

Everyone has Narcissistic Traits and everyone has Narcissism but it takes a pervasive pattern of behaviours to determine if someone is truly A Narcissist.

Even then most of the people causing immense harm and damage to others are most likely Malignant Narcissists as they have Antisocial Traits.

Malignant Narcissists are Narcissistic to the core so they are grandiose along with an underlying borderline structure.

In addition they have antisocial behaviours which people commonly refer to as Psychopathic.

Although this isn’t exactly the correct term because the correct term is Antisocial Personality and they are also very aggressive and paranoid.

Some of the characteristics of A Malignancy Narcissist would be moody, immature, hateful, angry, petty, vindictive, paranoid, deceptive, draining, jealous, insecure, tactless, cruel, sneaky and manipulative.

When you read that list it may sound like anyone could have these characteristics and in fact many people can be moody and insecure.

However it only becomes a problem when there are pervasive patterns that harm other people.

As I stated I once loved A Malignancy Narcissist.
He had many episodes of paranoia combined with rage that I noticed early on but purposely ignored.

For example,
At the workplace he was constantly on edge and I was often wary that he would explode and take out his anger on coworkers.

I saw his face in a moment and I know for sure that this was not just cold anger but he was actually deeply perturbed and suffering from a deep rage that he couldn’t contain.

I felt sorry for him at times as it seemed he was almost like an infant learning to deal with emotions.

He would blow up over almost anything.
Soon enough he also accused me of stalking him.

Common expressions of benevolence were twisted around to connotative deviousness.

If we understand that Narcissists to begin with have this underlying borderline structure, we are better able to observe that the antisocial traits of their aggressive nature combined with paranoia only adds more fuel to the fire of an almost seeming psychosis they suffer from in their daily interactions.

Such a severe disorder combined with borderline functioning leads to a lack of impulse control and anxiety tolerance.

Malignant Narcissist’s are not happy people even if they laugh and joke all the time.

They are extremely charming and entertaining, in fact this is one of their more positive traits and one of the reasons why their Victims suffer from Cognitive Dissonance.

This is a front for what lies beneath which is rage, envy and hate.

Those they hate are viewed as an object that possesses something that Narcissists don’t which is often goodness and values they would desire for themselves.

Their hatred is meant to destroy this object that they are frustrated with which is perceived as attacking their own self.

This is why many Firmer Victims of Malignancy Narcissists believe that He Narcissist not only hated them but wanted to destroy them.

The same goes for feelings of envy.
Malignant Narcissists’ envy is a form of hatred towards an object they believe is sadistically teasing or taking something away from them that they want.

Some psychologists believe that this is due to a parental figure who was good enough yet had an underlying indifference and exploited them as a child in a Narcissistic Manner.

I noticed very early on that similar to The Psychopath he had an underlying component of Sadism and Masochism in that he secretly wanted to be punished which took various manifestations.

Similar to The Antisocial Personality or Psychopaths, they have anger, dominance issues and shifting opinions that are always changing seemingly day to day.

They are deceptive so they lie and cheat.
Being vindictive, they retaliate and humiliate.

They also lack tact and the ability to deal sensitively with people.

They are sadistic and they experience egotistical sadism and aggression which means it is easy for them to destroy and dehumanise others.

The paranoid features also reflect a projection of hatred on those they persecute.

Due to the lack of remorse, genuine sadness and capability of self-reflection, they are very dangerous.

Even if they don’t physically abuse others, Victims remark that the Mental and Emotional Abuse is far worse than any Physical Abuse.

Narcissists Are The Quintessence Of Evil.

Despite this I sometimes do feel sorry for them.
It is unfortunate that they have to go through life this way.

This doesn’t mean that they lack accountability for their actions because we have to hold them accountable.

They are self-aware of their behaviours and they know what they are doing, though they don’t fully understand why or how.

At the heart of it they are not easy to get along with nor deal with due to their distorted perceptions and thought processes.

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