Why Shouldn’t We Respond To The Untruthful Words Of The Narcissist?!

In so many words because it’s pointless.

Now to elaborate.
A Narcissist is A Narcissist while A Normal Person is A Normal Person so fighting A Narcissist is a trap that so many of us fell into.

A Normal Person can only think as such and in A Normal Person’s mind it is only rightful to fight lies with the truth.

This works of course when dealing with Normal People however A Narcissist can only think and resonate like A Narcissist and while your reality is real and based on facts, The Narcissist’s reality is distorted and skewed to serve his evil deeds.

A Narcissist will fight the truth with even more lies and deception.

Top that with his cunning ability to be extremely persuasive and able to twist everything to his favour while being super charming and then you will realise that this is a battle already lost.

Only Facts Can Beat The Narcissist.
We have to hope that other people will consider those facts.

Fighting The Narcissist will also feed his ego.
Any emotional response is a fuel to him.
He will suck you in and intentionally beat up your emotions to make you cry or rage.

You maybe fighting for the truth or for justice and a hundred other things but he fights just for the sake of fighting and to keep you off balance.

Having a heart to heart confrontation with A Narcissist is an exercise in futility that will just cause you pain and frustration.

He will label you his public enemy number one for confronting him and will feel justified in saying whatever it takes to hurt you.

Then he’s going to give you that blank look like you have no clue what your talking about even if you just nailed him.

And then comes the part where you will be labelled as crazy and unstable.

So give yourself a break and focus on getting better and on dusting him off.

You have to say enough is enough, take back the joy and let the beast go.

Throughout my life I have found out that acting indifferently to a nasty evil person is the best method dealing with him.

Deep down you know who you are so concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself and that will be the sweetest revenge to The Narcissist.

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