Why The Narcissist Avoids You After Hurting You?

It is common for The Narcissist to avoid you when there is anything about you that makes him uncomfortable.

You want love and connection?
The Narcissist better ignore that.

Those feelings causes him shame because A Narcissist can’t feel any of these feelings.

A Narcissist can’t feel anything beyond being lame.

You want accountability?
Good luck with that.

The Narcissist always sees himself as perfect and to him you are inferior.

The Narcissist better ignore that too.
The Narcissist doesn’t do wrong.
After all you are the weak one and it’s all your fault not The Narcissist.

You want forgiveness?
How dare you even ask?
After all you were such a perfect unicorn to him in the beginning but you had to actually be a human being with shortcomings.

I guess The Narcissist better ignore that as well because it’s now time to devalue you.

You want closure?
The Narcissist better ignore this too as it might give you too much ammunition to use against him later.

You don’t get closure because The Narcissist think that it’s all your fault and that’s what you get for boring him with your imperfection.

It’s all nonsense designed to absolve The Cowardly Narcissist of his shame but guess what? It doesn’t.

He will remain full of anxiety and misery until the end of his days, chasing that high off Narcissistic Supply.

That’s the only thrill he gets.
The Narcissist is addicted to superficial idolisation and the emotional destruction of others.

Your feelings don’t matter to The Narcissist.
The only thing that matters to him is that he gets his fix.

You have emotions?
The Narcissist is either jealous of your emotional capacity or will deem you weak for feeling it but will never admit he has hurt you.

If you are hurt then it’s your fault as far as he is concerned so you will be avoided for your weakness.

After all The Narcissist has no time for your pain because too much energy is required to maintain his mask.

The Narcissist is a coward, plain and simple.
Certainly it was his childhood trauma and neglect that caused his Narcissism.

However his cowardice destroyed lives.
It is a true violation just as is his pathetic avoidance of anything that resembles responsibility.

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