Why The Narcissist Cuts Off Contact Suddenly?!

I was devastated when he did that.
In my mind was a million question all leading to the hardest one of it all.

How could this person love me and discard me in such a cold, callous and disingenuous manner ,, I never deserved this.

Then in an instant I felt the cold chill of my logical brain tingle with the truth in my very own answer to the question.

That person never loved you.

This was long before I educate myself about Narcissism.

Through my pain and utter shock I still possessed the wherewithal to understand that what I was feeling was uncontrollable and quite frightening.

I needed complete isolation from the whole world just to be able to breathe.

I realised that it was I who needed to go No Contact just to cope with the sheer depravity of what happened.

At this time The Narcissist was still terrorising me by silent treatments and then smearing campaigns.

He was calling my employers and my coworkers with smear campaigns trying to get me fired.

As much as I was confused, I managed to illustrate how dishonest he was.

I needed answers but realised that it was only myself who could answer my questions.

Later on in my recovery I started to learn that his silent treatment was not only a blessing but a means for his survival as well.

He knew that I knew that he is a liar and if he didn’t, he would still be sucking my soul dry.

It hurt at the time.
Looking back when he shut me down although gut wrenching, it was a very telling moment and one I took advantage of.

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