Why The Narcissist Is Always Sad?

Maybe it’s his utter denial of reality and lack of accountability.

Maybe it’s that his perception of reality is mystifying at a deep level.

Maybe it’s because he denies reality as a defence mechanism to feeling guilt and shame.

There’s some deep-rooted trauma that turns him into a robot running from guilt and shame.

He can’t confront reality or the truth and he lives in a different world.

• It’s sad that he turns so cruel during and after the breakup.

• It’s sad that he self-sabotages and leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

• It’s sad that he needs others to point this out as he doesn’t possess the emotional capacity to comprehend his own actions.

• It’s sad that he could so easily strive to fix himself but he denies the need.

He lives in a world that revolves around him, that serves him and absolves him of personal accountability.

He just bulldozes barriers to get what he wants with no regard for anyone but himself.

His ungodly methods of self-defence is crazy-making.

He is self-absorbed, self-centred, self-serving, self-sabotaging and vile.

He is so broken inside that he has to distort reality to work for him.

While he may use one aspect of life as an excuse to his behaviour, he will later deny it, change his tone or disregard irrefutable evidence.

He is so contradictory and he doesn’t know the difference between love and hate.

• It’s sad that when you try to coax him into reality, you then become “mentally abusive

• It’s sad that it seems so easy to help him yet he can’t even help himself.

• It’s sad he can’t confront reality and sad that he is a scum to society.

• It’s sad he doesn’t live on a standard wave-length of harmony and love.

Also the fact that he has a broken soul and that nobody can fix him.

He is constantly searching for someone to make his sadness go away and when he thinks he has finally found the one he destroys her in a blink of an eye.

In a nutshell A Narcissist is always sad as he has no future just reoccurring failed relationships with plenty more on the horizon.

It’s sad that every time he finds someone he then starts to destroy her within a matter of months.

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