Why We Can’t See The Manipulation Pouring Out Of Their Mouths?

You don’t see it because of the master ability of manipulation.

In my personal experience with my Narcissist I was shocked and traumatised by most of the things he put me through just for the sake of his lies and manipulation to other individuals or potential targets.

How I fought his lies was with evidence.
Seeing for myself the sick twisted individual he was made me realise an important element to all Narcissists and can help in identifying their lies and manipulation.

Ask to see evidence such as phone call or messages.

People who have nothing to worry about won’t mind but A Narcissist will show you his true face and possibly violent personality when faced with exposing material.

In a similar case leave and never look back because it will only get worst if you stay.

It’s smarter to just keep away from this person because once you let A Narcissist back in your life, you will be allowing yourself to be setup to the manipulating behaviour again.

Before you even thought of the word Narcissist he had already begun putting out feelers to see what makes you tick.

He found out what you love.
What you hate.
What made you cry.
What made you happy.

He tested you with very small statements of various kinds to gauge your reaction and decides what and where he needed to tweak for the future to get you to believe and react the way he wants.

He studied you like an object because that’s very much how he sees you.

He was studying you while making you believe the mask he was presenting to you.

He learnt the ins and outs of you by being very charming, charismatic and what appeared as very open with his life and his past.

He got you to believe that he is a genuine, loving, caring and moral human being.

He has spent his lifetime in a cycle of doing this over and over.

He will frame up words by bending and twisting it into the perfect picture for your well vetted mind.

And because we want to believe the good in people we assume that what a person is saying has no other hidden meaning that we have to try and figure out.

I believe A Narcissist banks on that.
He isn’t bothered with guilt or feelings of shame to be violating reality, putting someone under a false atmosphere and so can manipulate with such a straight face that your own internal alarm system can’t detect it.

This is why I began writing about this and similar experiences so that people who come across and get involved with this type of people will have the information that can protect them from being manipulated.

And maybe get out of the situation before any more damage can be done to them.

Narcissists are Master Manipulators.

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