Why We Consider Being Discarded As An Evil Act While Going No Contact As The Only Way Out.

The motives are completely different.
Discard done by A Narcissist is a deliberate and malignant act done with no consideration, thought or compassion towards The Victim and his/her feelings.

If any thought is given then The Narcissist does it as a deliberately hurtful act with the intention of causing emotional pain, confusion and distress.

It is an active, malignant method of attacking and/or manipulating The Victim.

Discarding is a mind game.
Discarding means ‘I’m not really done but I want you to think that I am and also teach you a lesson’.

Going no contact is NOT done with intent to hurt The Narcissist but to protect The Victim who has suffered intolerable abuse by The Narcissist.

It’s a last resort choice.
It isn’t done with the intention of hurting The Narcissist but is done in an effort to protect yourself.

No contact is not a mind game.
No contact means ‘I’m done’ and that’s it.

Evil has nothing to do with these actions nor does it apply in any real sense.

When The Narcissist discards, it is a form of attack.
When The Victim goes No Contact, it is done as the only available means of defence.

When The Narcissist gives yot the silent treatment and discards you he intends to hurt you and to cause you pain.

When you go no contact you are doing so to prevent him from intentionally hurting you.

Going no contact causes The Victim more pain than it causes The Narcissist and is generally the last thing The Victim wants.

It only becomes a viable option because The Narcissist’s abusive treatment is destroying The Victim.

The Narcissist uses the silent treatment as a tool to manipulate The Victim and causes him/her a psychological breakdown.

It’s good to establish no contact with any toxic person in your life.

It’s not good to play games on others by ghosting or discarding them for sport.

So The difference is the intent.

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